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  1. As i said i was just an onlooker, was at the shop at the time, and heard the information i gave above spoken about after the motor started having issues. Like i said, anyone with half a brain knows this isnt the way to go about resolving such an issue.
  2. no not the tuner. was at the workshop at the time. ^^^ this post is THE ONLY attitude to have when things like this happen, all this other crap doesnt achieve a thing and just pisses people off making the issue harder to resolve.
  3. There is so much wrong information in this whole thread! Honestly 90% of you keyboard warriors have no idea what has really gone on so i find it astonishing your able to give your seemingly "expert" opinions on this topic which you dont know anything about, other than what has been stated. No one in this thread was with the car when it failed so how can anyone comment or badmouth the tuner? has anyone seen a motor detonate and cause this sort of damage running 13 degrees on full noise at 11.9 - 12.0 AFR ?? just curious.
  4. Appologies for not keeping this thread up to date!! Only things i have left are Front bar $ 200 Rear bar $ 100 as a few scratches Reo bar $50 tail lights $150 for pair boot lid, no spoiler holes. $ 180 bonnet $200 one headlight $90 passenger seat $ 50 rear seat $100 (seat base and upright section) both doors with trims , Passenger side is damaged from accident. $ 150 for good one, $ 50 for damaged one. need all these parts gone asap, need to put a car in the garage msg or call 0405 300 245 is best way to contact me. cheers.
  5. Hey everyone just wondering if any South australians here know of any jap places that would take on a worker/mechanic/watever around the adelaide area?? currently a 2nd year motor mechanic apprentice at a holden dealership but im sick and tired of the bullshit a dealership brings wit sales and all the wankers. so if anyone knows a place looking for someone please let me know. cheers, Josh.
  6. No this is a GTS-T 1992. have R33 stockys only in gloss black only.
  7. Also got front and rear bars for sale. doors, one wit scrapes on outside, tail lights, boot lid wit no holes. etc
  8. hey bud not gona bother with a pic of the headlights, they are imaculate late model ones, someone said they looked like GTR ones but who knows, 300 bucks for both headlights and both indicators. cheers
  9. i do but its custom for the 2530 so its all a bit weird wit the external gate n screamer n shit. is that wat ur after tho?
  10. Ok, time to part out my car, been tryin to sell for 7 k whole but now i think its time to share its fruit around. So heres the list HKS GT2530 turbo and lines - $1,100 Hybrid front mount intercooler - $500 Standard Air flow meter - $100 Stainless steel intake pipe - $30 ISC coilovers - $800 Front Adj. Camber arms - $100 pair Rear Adj. Camber arms - $100 pair Adj. Castor rods ( one bent) - $50 HKS external wastegate with screamer pipe - $ 500 DBA slotted and drilled rotors in Very good condition - $500 for all 4 ceramic track brake pads - $100 for all. Tomei 2 way diff - $800 oil catch can with lines - $ 40 ADjustable fule pressure reg. -$ 90 front seats - $100 per seat Late model headlights - $200 each All parts are still on the car so keep that in mind. PM me for any other stuff that you may want or need. or call or msg me on 0405 300 245 Cheers, Josh.
  11. Car now is running re-mapped ecu done in japland with standard afm. Further inspection by myself on the front left corner damage revealed a bent lower control arm, bent castor rod, snapped tie rod but the coilover appears to be fine. thanks $7,000 firm !
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