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  1. Hi could someone check this out for me. BCNR33022640 Cheers
  2. Won't last long, before it's snapped up. Probably could have expanded on that statement
  3. What were the offsets and sizes of those TE37's??? that car looks like a monster with them. G/L with sale btw mint 32
  4. Would definetely think about raping my bank account for this, if it were a tad bigger..
  5. if you consider a standard low km vz maloo r8 + some dosh luxury, then i may have a trade available
  6. Condolences to friends and family, I can only imagine the hurt their mothers are going through right now, be safe out there guys, think of your mothers
  7. meh. media. what a shit audition tape, sliding on public roads then claiming they were private, leaving your plates on, putting the video on a forum, no stig for you. that said the boy can slide!
  8. Funny story. i fell off the the dogleg at wakefield in my 33 while being too busy watching this thing come up in my rear view mirror
  9. HEADLIGHTS BACK UP FOR SALE. . . the rhs side is missing the bottom grill mount also I have a pioneer 600w 4 chanell amp and a 12" pioneer something somthing sub in a box. - $300
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