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  1. Update: The red car is 017039 - number 76. The current owner has had it for more than 10 years.
  2. I did this fix to my GT-R about 8 years ago and it hasn't missed a beat since. At the time, I wrote it all up but never got around to putting it up online. One thing I would add is that I also found bad solder joints on the AFM board itself. Once I had the lid off the AFM, I repaired these as follows: - carefully lever the copper cover upwards to gain access to the board beneath (see crappy photo - taken after resoldering) - the three solder joints circled in red at bottom right of the top board were bad and needed resoldering - the other solder joints circled in yellow on that board looked reasonable, but I resoldered them anyway Note: Do not touch the lower board. It has been made using a completely different process (surface mounting) and is much more delicate. It also should not have the problem of “dry joints”. Good luck! Dave.
  3. Here are some photos given to me after a photo shoot of the car for a retro article in Motor in August 2003. It also appeared in a Wheels "Top 100 Cars" article in Dec 2003.
  4. Forgot to say that I know of a number of other cars here in Melbourne / Victoria. In particular, Glenn Ridge has a very low mileage (3000 km) Red one which received the Gibson Motorsport treatment including Simmons wheels. I saw it a few months ago at the R35 Drive Day at Phillip Island. He got it in a deal from Nissan when they were giving away Pulsars on the TV show he hosted (Sale of the Century). He drove it down to PI, but said that the drive was a bit lumpy for the first bit as the tyres had flat spots. Mustn't get much use! There's also another red one in pristine condition residing in an inner Melbourne suburb. I'll see if I can drum up the details. Regards, Dave.
  5. Hi All, Just found out about this from Unique Cars. I own one as follows: Colour: Jet Silver (I always thought it was "Silver Blue") Delivered: October 92 Sold: 20/10/92 Number: 22 of 100 (16048) Kms: 160,000 Dealership: Gary Rogers Nissan, Springvale Vic Owners: 1 (me) Purchased: October 92 Locale: Melbourne, Vic. Car is essentially stock apart from some minor comfort improvements (Recaro seat, Alarm, 6x9 rear speakers) Mechanical changes include Group N brake rotors (i.e. undrilled - the originals kept cracking), Bilsteins - after originals finally went to god), HD clutch (after original went 155,000 km)). I've kept all original bits - even the old shocks which have "GT-R" stickers on them. Fell in love (lust?) with the GTR after a Drive Day in 1992 at Calder when Jim Richards showed what the car could do. Clear memory of being taken to a shed out the back of Gary Rogers to pick mine from a line of 7 - 6 Red and one Silver. The Silver is a great colour and shows the lines of the car beautifully. It's never left me stranded and has been driven vigorously at times (although not any more). Issues have all been relatively minor - cracked injectors (par for Nissan of that era), Airflow meters (fixed myself - bad soldering), broken exhaust studs. Currently has a minor leak in the front main seal that I'll have fixed when cam belt changed next (soon). Engine / Turbos as tight as the day it was bought, thanks to lots of good synthetic oil, no doubt. Of course, I have the full service history. I'll see if I can dig out some photos. Regards, Dave.
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