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  1. Hey man I was looking at r32's and r33's in non-turbo too when I went to buy my car. I ended up getting a r33 and Im glad I did. The power differance isn't much but I personly think r33's look a hell of a lot sexyer. There's some good prices out there now days too.
  2. mine gets stuck down and wont go up when i pull on the switch, no noise though. Usally a swift knock to the carpet pad bit in the door with my elbow makes it work again. Thats just a tip incase it gets stuck down in public or something and you dont want to leave your car vunrable to stereo theives.
  3. cool $160 sounds alot beter than $350 I might fix mine too, got to get the dreaded 100,000k service out the way first!
  4. Nice work with that manual dude, I've been searching around for one for ages. Apparently the only one in perth is in the state libary. Now ive got the info Im getting all sorts of evil ideas for mods.
  5. Hey dude, my R33 has the same problem and it is actualy comming from the air conditioner motar. Mine has had the problem on and off for 4 years now comming and going randomly. It has not affected the climate controll in anyway it's just been an anoying sound for the first minute or so when you start the car. I asked a mech about it and he said that it would cost $350 for a new motar. Since it doesnt affect it in anyway I have just left it. I've never had a second opinion so he might just be trying to rip me off. Might be worth looking into. He said it was something catching on a fan inside the motar that makes the clicking noise.
  6. Hi all. I've been looking for the part numbers for the timing and auxilary belts for a RB25DE enjine for my R33 Gts-25. I can't seem to find them anywhere, not even the guys at coventrys had any idea. If anyone knows can you please help. Cheers
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