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  1. Ahh!! I found the screw right behind the power window, ive already unscrew them and the top part did came out pretty easy. Only problem now was the handle(to open the door together with the lock button) seems to be sticking the door with the skin. Any ideas how to get them out?
  2. Okay, i've manage to find all the screws, now i have manage to detach the top part, it came out pretty lose. Sweet. Thanks m8. One problem left tho, my handle(to open and lock the door) seems to be sticking to the skin with the door, is it correct? If it is, how do i get it out? Is it something to do with pushing it to the back or something?
  3. i've unscrewed all the screws that i see, 2 at the bottom and 1 beneath the door handle. Manage to lose the clips at the sides but having trouble trying to pull of the top part of the door (where i circled) Is it because im not using enough force or there is a proper technique to pull it out? Don wanna break anything as i just bought my car 1 month ago.
  4. I've unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom and a screw that is just below the handle, but still having hard time trying to pull out the part where i circled. Its gives a creeking sound when i try force it out. Is it normal or there a technique to pull it out?
  5. I need some help here, im actually a person with no knowledge on how to fix cars but do you have any DIY that can help me how to take off the car door so that i can install new speakers to my R33 GTSt? What i did was i unscrewed the 2 screws at the bottom of the door and 1 screw from the middle door. I losen the both sides and bottom but having a hard time trying to pull off the door which is the top part of it. Tried to pull it but heard some cracking sound. I stop altogether worried i might break anything and thought i would be better off seeking help here first Would be really great i can do it myself rather than getting people to instal them and i have to pay. Thanks in adv.
  6. Hi! Im trying to install a speaker for my R33 GTSt and found it a little difficult removing the front door. Didnt want to do anything fooling and break the door coz it was pretty stiff. Mange to open it up half way now having problems getting it fasten back properly. Is there any links around here that gives this tutorial? Thanks in advance.
  7. Im confused, thought F1 were not allowed for turbo and it was mentioned here in the http://f1technical.net/article4.html Infos on F1 engines comparison with the road engines. I do think bov is not required in a F1 car because of the weight? Besides the engine was expected to collapse at the moment the F1 crosses the finish line. And btw, FIA regulation has changed the rules for year 2005. They expect an extended engine life. http://www.formula1.com/insight/technicali...nfo/11/467.html
  8. Hehehe. Shhh!!! Calm Down Steve. Calm down your turbo thingy is burning me already.
  9. Well, if you wanna talk about cars like that, i do know one that uses a megasonic Bov and its in http://www.turbosmart.com.au/research.htm Why is that? Ive already said that if you do not mod your car, your standard bov works just fine but if you plan to have nice wooshh sound and ruin your car system, be my guest.
  10. Information about F1 Engines go to http://f1technical.net/article4.html
  11. Where, for gods sake is the evidence? Mod your car up, tune it till its gets 800hp. Don need any fancy stuff, just ya standard bov. Try boosting your turbo to the limits for a couple of weeks. We will be happy to hear the test and ill be happy to hear it from you. Or maybe if you arent about to ruin your turbo yet, try an after market bov and see the performance. Take a video and you will be the first tester and we all would be very thankful. -end- Information about F1 Engines go to http://f1technical.net/article4.html
  12. LOL, Why do F1's need BOV? Man they arent even allowed for turbo.
  13. Try speeding your car which has a 800 HP like the drag racers that stress their turbo(which is much bigger) and see what happens to it. I've seen one that got his turbine turbo cracked. Racers get to service almost every race. Whether or not it improves the performance that im not sure. But they definitely get to change their turbo from time to time. I realize one thing that wasnt mention in this thread. Do you possibly think a turbo wouldnt wear off? Why wasnt temperature involved in this issue? I think this is ridiculous. Why not try using a blower and let high temp intake blow it in while you cover it. From what i know, most "street" racers gets a Bov and their comments was that it improved their performance. If you didnt mod your car too high, then the standard bov is just good enough but i certainly disagree that Bov is a wank if you are planning to push your car to the limits in an economical way.
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