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  1. Hey mate. 

    Can I buy that fuel pump off you?

    im in Sydney north west. Happy to pick it up. 

    Can contact on mobile 0404924424

  2. New update. Car idling but idling low. Around 250rpm. Introduce an air leak in the intake manifold and it raises healthily to 500rpm. pressing the accelerator does nothing at all. I cleaned the AFM and throttle body with throttle body cleaner. Running quite rich. No engine light.
  3. So I got 2 trouble codes. Both I believe were due to the unplugging of wires I had already been doing whilst diagnosing. I got P0120 Throttle Position Sensor/Switch A Circuit Malfunction P0110 Intake Air Temperature Sensor cleared them and they haven't returned.
  4. 2001 m35 won't start. Drove her from Sydney to Thredbo. Next day she started and idled very low. No response to pushing accelerator. Even after getting to operating temp. Won't rev. Now has thrown the engine light. Next day. Now she won't start. Either no fuel or no spark. Plus engine light is a worry. I'm open to suggestions.
  5. Factory balancer bolt and washer?
  6. It only goes in one way, the slot is offset, line up the bolts withthe old marks, and check with a timing light
  7. Im after a drivers and live near stanhope if interested
  8. Looks 1000000 times better than I was expecting
  9. Someone has got a pry bar in there to try and pull the gearbox out, shame it has a pull type clutch
  10. I would just drive it, any damage is already done, nothing to lose
  11. Do you know the vin? Complied? Reregisterable?
  12. The oil in the piping can cause detonation, which will crack ringlands, depends which came first, the cracked ringlands, or the oil in the piping
  13. Exactly, and whilst the converter isnt locked, its torque multiplying, giving an even higher reading
  14. Are you certain about the bearings, rb26's dont really have lifters
  15. After turboing 3 mx-5's, i wouldn't bother doing anything with the motor except a turbo, the first b6 na went from 58rwkw to 165 with no internal mods, and was thrashed daily for 6 months till it was written off, and the b8's respond even better. How do you find the chassis stiffness, the last one i did we fitted a full butterfly brace, and it seemed stiff as.
  16. I would chuck a second hand fg xr6 gt3576 on it with 5 psi, will make a massive difference to torque and shouldn't restrict the hot side.
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