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  1. the only other competition is a VW passat R36 or passat CC
  2. scarf - that car looks absolute porn! love the sunroof its a shame about he LSD. i read that the 370GT coupe type SP comes with an LSD. its a shame about the sedan.
  3. scarf, where did you get the 370GT from? did you improt it yourself? i can only see topcar doing the importing and they only have a 370GT P at the moment do you think its worth the extra coin for the 3.7L?
  4. M34N - that that was great! i had a V35 so i agree its amazing value for money which is why i was wanitng to get back into a V series... do you know if the SP version has an LSD? this was one of the worst things about the V35 i would say
  5. i've been lurking around here for a while again as well... keen to see what someone says who actually has a V36 sedan. its on the pipelines for 2011 for myself as i'm wanting to get out of the 2 door car what's it like to drive? what options to look out for? what's the tiptronic / paddles like? responsive? does it have the revmatch on downshifting? how big is the boot? are the seats able to fold forward? let us know someone! there's no dealer cars for sale here in vic for me to look at
  6. chris - are you aying you've 100% seen the V35 coupe with a smart key? re the CLK, its a great car, amazing engine, however to be honest its not that much better than the V35 is. it looks better, performs better (just), however drives and handles worse. its definately not worth twice the price. i didn't get tired of the old V35, i just always wanted a CLK. but times change, and i'm thinking that money on a house might be better spent. if the car was twice as good, it might be a different story. i'm also thinking of V35 sedan series 2. chris - is this still the same in terms of reverse camera / nav / cruise control / etc?
  7. Hi, it has been a while since i have posted (probably over a year now), since i sold my V35 and went into the land of V8 mercedes (CLK500) i have recently been toying with the idea of getting back into the skyline game in the form of a series 2 model V35 unfortunately my brain has forgot most of what i knew about V35's... specifically i wanted to know does the 2005/2006 model coupe's come with the option of the intelligent key? i have seen a few sedans ith this, and i know that it was an option on the G35 coupes from 05/06, but can't seem to find if that was carried over to the V35 coupe as well also, does anyone know if the automatic versions had the "revup" / 221kW version engine, or just the manual versions? is there anyway to if this engine is in place visually? i am quite keen on the updated front bumper / rear lights / 19" rays, and the nicer interior... any comments/suggestions or other specific differences to look out for on the series 2 are also welcome and for "the man" chris rogers - can the series 2 be sorted out with garmin nav and reversing camera as well? thanks all! cheers, Warren
  8. meguiar's plastX not scratchX, plastX, its designed for headlights and even has a picture of the V35 on the bottle!
  9. from memory its in the display settings button on bottom left ..or i could be wrong
  10. well i'm sad to say that it looks like the V35 coupe is sold just waiting on the buyer to finalise finance and my baby will be gone but the good news is that it means i'm on the lookout for a 4-door V35! it may be more family-friendly but its still a V-series skyline
  11. yeah its a tough market at the moment i had a guy email me this week asking about the car then after a few emails he says he wants a manual not an auto then in the next email he asks me how much it would cost to do a full respray as he doesn't like silver! then why the hell are you bothering sending me a bloody email then for my silver automatic V35??! i've had a few enquiries but mostly tyre kickers and most want you to hand over your keys for under market value
  12. i personally would never play with brakes myself given how important they are in terms of safety.. are you a mechanic?
  13. unfortunately that is what sellers are like out there did you go to many used car places? i have been told so many lies from second hand dealerships that its not funny. you basically have to assume that the car is as you see it when you go look at it and make your own judgement as you can never trust others i know you don't want to hear this, but despite filling you with BS, the seller is not to blame for you buying a dud car - you had every opportunity to have it checked out by a mechanic prior to buying but look on the bright side, its not a lot of money and although you have learned the hard way you will never make this mistake again in your life and all your future car purchases will benefit from your experience
  14. bump anyone? had quite some interest but mostly tyre-kickers at this stage..
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