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  1. Are you happy with them? Dont feel too cheap? Does the reclining and fold forward feel strong enough? Any additional observations would be great. Cheers
  2. thanks for pointing that out, i didnt even notice the bit about road use only.
  3. For an R33 GTST, i assume all i would need is these right: https://www.autotecnica.com.au/product/nissan-skyline-r32-r33-gtst-sports-seat-rail-sliders/ to go with these: https://www.autotecnica.com.au/product/ssp67-black/
  4. Awesome read Steve, keep it going. I've recently been working on my r33 GTST, but with new house, new son, im getting less and less time to work on it, so I like reading up on other people's experiences in a similar boat to me. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Not actually running Flex at the moment or e85. I just know that they were e85 compatible. Still on 98 with a power FC so cant run Flex anyway.
  6. I've recently just done the above. Turbo Highflowed by GCG, JECS 750CC injectors, Z32 AFM, splitfire coilpacks, walbro 255 fuel pump, Exedy HD cushion button clutch. Already had FMIC, Power FC, 3" inch exhaust. Currently sitting at just over 250RWKW
  7. Yes its possible. I 've recently done it on my r33 GTST. Went with JECS 750CC injectors. e85 compatible, fits stock fuel line.
  8. Welcome Grim, Nice clean example of a 33 GTR you got there. I'm also from Melbourne, so maybe i'll see you around.
  9. No worries, Thanks for all your input. i'll keep at it.
  10. Thanks, I believe I've done everything you suggested. I used a black marker on the boss kit so i can see where the holes were as i was inserting it. if i noticed they were off slightly, i used a small tool to move the ring into place. I also measured the diameter of the holes on old wheel and on boss kit and boss kit is 5mm, while old wheel is 4mm, but i dont think this is the cause. And i confirmed that the white ring was rotating with my new wheel and boss kit. Very strange
  11. I have seen references of this in my research, but i dont think i'm suppose to have them. My stock wheel is fine and turns off the indicators as it should. and if they were supposed to be on the old steering wheel, what would these plastics tabs fit into? theres nothing on the steering column except the clock spring and hicas mechanism. If you could find me a photo of what your talkign about that would help alot. Thanks for the reply
  12. Hey Guys, I've recently purchased a new momo steering wheel and an HKB Boss kit (ON-177) which is for HICAS and no airbag as my car does not have any airbags on my R33 GTST Series one (09/1993) Everything has fitted together perfectly, the black plastic piece at the back of the boss kit fits over the horn plug socket and the Hicas lug attached to the clock spring no problem. My steering column has a white ring with 3 round small lugs that fit into 3 small round holes on the back of the boss kit, and they line up perfectly, which is for cancelling the indicators on wheel turn i believe. With the stock steering wheel, indicators cancel perfectly, with this new setup they dont. I hear the clicking as the wheel is turned like you normally would hear it, but they just dont cancel. I've fitted and refitted, and checked and rechecked for hours, and nothing looks out of place. i also put the new wheel on, lined everything up, started the car, turned the wheel 90 degrees to the left, then took the steering wheel off and confirmed the white ring and 3 lugs rotated with the wheel exactly where i expected them to be. I've compared the difference from the back of the original steering wheel to the back of the boss kit, and the only difference i can see is that the holes on the boss kit are about 1mm extra in diameter than the orig. wheel. Attached are some pics of everything in question, I'm really hoping someone has come across this before as i'm at a loss as to whats causing it. thanks in advance
  13. As Title says, need a window motor for the drivers side for my r33 GTST Series 1. Used or Refurbished, as long as its working I'm located in Melbourne so can pick up if within 50kms or will pay for postage. Thanks
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