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  1. Just wanted to ask a quick one about the position of the steering rack and get some tips on where i should be putting it. From what ive read height wise should be in the middle of the suspension travel, people have said there is heaps more to it but cant tell me what. Reason for asking is ive got a 93 lancer which ive put the evo 3 rear diff in and converted to rwd using a sr20. Im at the point now where i need to weld up a cross member, make engine and gearbox mounts and set pinnion angle on the diff so i want to get all the info i need right before i finish any of these things. Car will be just used as a normal street car and maybe a trip to the drags but no track racing.
  2. grim32

    My New Toy

    Yeah its a 93 model motor. Burnt a new set of tyres off it today and its unreal fun but tyres dont last long enough. Where did you run your kart at?
  3. listen to each injector through a screwdriver and you should be able to hear if one is noiser than another. some injectors get noisey but if you are worried get them cleaned and see if that helps
  4. I wouldnt think it would be the pump either, when removing my hicas with a lock bar i used the standard power steering pump. You have to take the back cover off it and remove the vane/fan out of it so it cant pump fluid. Put the cover back on and block the 2 outlets with bungs, i just used the power steer fittings cut short and welded so they wouldnt leak.
  5. grim32

    My New Toy

    Thought id share some pics of my new toy, its a tony kart thats been lengthened 40cm with a gsxr750 motor. I used a calliper off my lancer and a clutch mastercylinder off a silvia frontcut for the brakes with a braided line i had made up. The throttle and clutch cables also had to be made up. This is the first attempt and there are a few small things im going to change to make it better, first thing will be the gear ratio. In 3rd you let the clutch out give a bit of gas and it fries the tyres. Had some trouble getting it to run good with the short exhaust on it and the free flowing air filters it was running extremely lean on the main jet, so far we have drilled them out to 2mm but its still got some more left to go. Im thinking of putting the t25 turbo from the front cut i got on it later but gotta finish my lancer project first lol.
  6. Come on guys i dont need to take a picture do i? The head is off and the bottom end looks good. Has the oil and water outlets in the block and a hole for the second timing belt pulley. $50 is all i want so come and pick it up, im in the campbelltown area. I may have some other bits and pieces laying around that you can take if interested.
  7. First post edited. Alternator sold. Can post anything if needed.
  8. I think its the same, it looked the same size when i had them next to eachother. This flywheel is off the R32 RB25de.
  9. Yeah thats the dyno with the RB25 although the RB20 made the same power with a bit more boost. The RB25 seems fine, no noises or smoke. Im quite happy for you to do a comp test on it. I only picked up the 3 litre bottom end cause it was cheap then had plans to later build a RB30DET for it but just lost interest. Will also consider swap for a N15 pulsar plus cash if anyone is interested.
  10. Here goes for the second time..........................just spent an hour and lost the first post while upoading photos Time to sell as i never drive it anymore, 170000kms on the clock and ive done 7 of those over the last 3 years that ive owned the car. I really dont like the idea of selling her but could really use the money elsewhere. Ill try an describe it the best i can but ive done so much to it im sure ill miss some things, Pearl paint with airbrushed bonnet, tinted windows Lowered front and back with new KYB shocks, whiteline swaybar up front and nolothane bushes Gtst diff with 4.3xx ratio Hicas lock bar with all hicas lines removed RB20det gearbox with exedy heavy duty clutch, new master and slave cylinder, braided clutch line Walbro pump (255ltr/hr), gtr injectors (440cc) Garrett GT3071R turbo on a monsta performance stainless highmount manifold and external 35mm wastegate with 1 bar spring Braided water and oil lines to suit 3" turbo back exhaust Exhaust wrap on manifold and dump pipe and garrett turbo bag on exhaust housing Reco radiator with 14" davies craig fan for ac K&N filter mounted under gaurd with 4" stainless pipework Hybrid 600*300*76 intercooler with stainless pipework Splitfire coils, turbosmart dual port bov plummed back, catch can Wolf 3d v4 ecu running ebc with handcontroller mounted on dash Dvd-cd-mp3 player with fold out 7" screen, new speakers front and rear, 2 amps, 12" sub in custom box that fits under parcel tray Retrimmed interior light tan/cream swede Gizmo shift light with pre shift, autometer boost gauge This car has all been engineered with a RB20det in it, since then i swapped the RB20 for a R32 RB25. The engineer can update the report, the car came from factory with a RB25 so said it wont be a problem. Before putting the RB25 in i installed a gates racing timing belt and a pair of RB20det cams. This head will bolt straight to a RB30 bottom end which i also have that will be included with the sale if wanted. Im asking $14000 for the car and it has rego till december, if you have any questions please just ask Photos will be up 5 mins, just want to save this first.
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