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  1. Do you have any pictures of the front bar? Is it a series 2 front bar? Where abouts are you located? I'm unable to PM you, I think your mailbox is full.
  2. Hey, Looking for a front bar and a bonnet for an R33. Would like it in white if possible. Located in Sydney.
  3. Hey, Looking for a bunch of gear for a front end r33, preferably white. Bonnet, front bar, front right quarter panel and series 2 right head light. PM me with price of parts. Cheers in advance
  4. Guys I have decided not to modify my skyline any further! Hence, my power fc is for sale! It came of a series 2 if it matters.. With hand peice $1100 Sydney Mitch 0405 204 561 0405 204 561
  5. Hey mate what's your mobile number I would like to see this ASAP please ring me on 0405 204 561 or pm me/ msg back
  6. Clean car guys engine and interior is A1, shame about the job they did on the guard rolling
  7. Hi mate, I have sent you a text about your car and you have told me it's still for sale although i have not been able to get a hold of you since. Can you get back to me asap? I'm looking to buy this week. Please contact me on 0405 204 561, if you're not keen to sell, please advise so i can look elsewhere. Thanks, Mitch.
  8. I live in Bangor man, if i see a black r34 matching that description i will pm you
  9. found one pls ignore
  10. Hi all im after a manual 5 speed gearbox for my 180sx 93 model not going to buy from any random dude been stung before (told it was good condish and let go after 2 months and crunched gears the whole time!) looking to buy from a trader/shop with warrenty in sydney asap!!! please get me back or ring me i would love to pick up tomorrow 0405 204 561 Mitch sutho shire
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