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  1. I have a thermal camera. How do I know a fault from normal operation ? Thanks
  2. Thanks robbo, Yes ECU checked but The age of the car means the ECU doesn't provide a comprehensive a examination .Fuel pump replaced 5 years ago, however the problem is intermittent. Wouldn't a fuel pump tend to be more regular with problems . I thought may have had a fuel problem as well ,so have been using Fuel doctor. Ignition coils replaced with spitfires about 40k ago No doubt these are legitimate areas to focus on. Other comments welcome thanks
  3. My professional mechanic who is very enthusiastic about my 1996 RB 25 skyline ER 33 2500cc naturally aspirated engine The car has done 280000 km. The motor stops randomly at times and infrequently. Maybe once a week,once every 3 weeks of short city driving , after 100 km of continuous driving or after just 10 km driving!!! My mechanic cant determine the problem He seems very knowledgable about this vehicle and has one of his own. He is a manager at an auto shop. No rhyme, reason or pattern why this problem will occur . Although the stalling never happens when the engine is cold The stalling tends to happen more often at the traffic lights when having braked but it can happen on the highway.The car will not start immediately but if you wait a minute or so, it will start. All electrical power is present. The mechanic gave the skyline a bit of a tune and adjusted the idle. It had a standard 100k service with platinum plugs about 40,000 km ago . It has had an oil change and filter 1000km ago. The symptoms seemed to mimic a Cam angle sensor problem although there was no back firing . That was all he could think of . So I decided to have the sensor replaced (brand new ) even though he didn't or push the idea. That was an Expensive exercise ! $550 for the part Recently I noticed black exhaust but the can angle sensor replacement seems to have made that problem disappear? why would the black smoke disappear? Anyway, how can I narrow down the problem to determine the car stalling on the highway and at the lights? All suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Again the tail gate wouldn't open but disconnecting the battery worked a charm!
  5. Disconnected the battery. Problem solved !!
  6. Disconnecting the battery will never work ! but since my sheep sacrifice to the sun god didn't work I tried it. Amazing. It works and my rear door is fine!😇
  7. What should I be doing to get the rear door open on an NM35 2002 stagea wagon. Thanks
  8. The rear door will not open . The rear window will open. From inside the cabin, in the middle of the rear door, is a small compartment. I have removed the cover and tried to push/pull /slide and manipulate the small lever inside , but the rear door will still not open. (its very difficult to see inside the space) What am I doing wrong. How much force is required to operate this small lever? Should this lever over-ride any electrical problem associated with opening the rear door ? My 2002 NM35, has fuses near my right knee. Where do I need to look specifically if there is a fuse problem? Also the only the rear second sun roof will not work. Is there any connection to the sin roof not working and the rear door not opening? thanks in advance. is there a diagram for the fuse box near my knee assuming that is where I should be looking thanks in advance
  9. My rear sunrooff has died as well . what's the cause?I would be interested to find out .it was really used
  10. I have been told the ECU is behind the glove box. is this correct and what is required to access the ECU.
  11. Hi guys, 2002 NM35 axis autech with VQD25DET motor 1 Could anyone supply a Throttle body pin out please , as well as a Wiring diagram? I have a throttle body and will replace the old one, but there could be possible wiring problems as well. I have located several posts but the attachments are no longer available. 2 Also where is the ECU located and how is it accessed . Thanks in advance ?
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