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  1. My rear sunrooff has died as well . what's the cause?I would be interested to find out .it was really used
  2. I have been told the ECU is behind the glove box. is this correct and what is required to access the ECU.
  3. Hi guys, 2002 NM35 axis autech with VQD25DET motor 1 Could anyone supply a Throttle body pin out please , as well as a Wiring diagram? I have a throttle body and will replace the old one, but there could be possible wiring problems as well. I have located several posts but the attachments are no longer available. 2 Also where is the ECU located and how is it accessed . Thanks in advance 🥺
  4. So the oil pressure sensor is not the problem in your experience ,just the gauge. How can this be determined? What brand /model after market do you recommend or stay away from. thanks
  5. What value pressure is considered low or dangerous. Mine never fluctuated from 3.9kg per square cm but now ranges from 1.9 to 3.8 depending on the revs once the engine is warm. I now use full synthetic but surely that can be the reason?
  6. My 15 years driving a non turbo gts always had a pressure around 3.9kg/cm², now however it's moving between 3-8 and 1.9 ,once warmed up. the range depends on the revs . Pretty much like Penfolds description. Whats happened to create this variation. I never saw it at 1.9 At what point is low oil pressure a problem. what specification or figure is a concern btw .have had a blown head gasket and bent number 6 corned replaced but this shouldn't be related
  7. Which spark plus do I need? I am confused. I run LPG/petrol on NM35 stage 2002. Motor VQDET. 2500cc I understand the LPG run a bit cooler I have been quoted the following plugs LFR6AP-9(Platinum) $13 and LFR6AIX-11 (iridium) $23.(two of these plugs recently installed, but are these the right type of plug?) Not sure what the Japanese writing means. I will get 4 more plugs and will get 4 ignition coils. i recently had replaced 2 bad coils and 2 spark plugs on cylinders 3 and 6. Please advise how to proceed . I initially had very poor to no acceleration . replaced 2 plugs and coils and now acceleration has improved immensely but can't reach more than 3000 rpm acceleration isn't reliable thanks
  8. Thanks. Did an unsuccessful search so need more info as to keywords or link please
  9. StageaNM35 triptronic gear stuck 2002 model Stagea When moving from automatic to the triptronic gears , the gear remains in 4th . It will not move up from fourth gear nor move down to other gears. This seems to happen on a highway trip of about an hour or more. If I turn off the engine and re start the engine the problem seems to disappear. Any possible idea as to what is happening?
  10. Well actually I haven't met any brainless mechanics but have met many sloppy overcharging and some dishonest mechanics who didn't bother to complete the job properly. These are the people I would prefer to avoid
  11. thanks so much Josh. I think the exchange of a petrol tank might be fairly easy for a mechanic but its the traps for those not familar with this car is my concern and how they put existing parts back together. Hopefully I may get a reply or two. Two Turbo swaps !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that doesn't sound good. how many km did each do. I am just on 150K with original turbo What was price labour ,if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Stagea NM35 brisbane recomeneded Mechanic I would prefer to have my Fuel tank replaced by a mechanic who is very familiar with the vehicle. Stagea NM35 autech axis ,2002model My location is Toowong
  13. Fuel tank replacement NM35 stagea Could you tell me how long to remove fuel tank for a mechanic in Stagae NM35 2002 model. Mine is rusted and leaks. There are several small holes and pin holes on floor of tank I have a temporary bung of adhesive in several places (quick steel). Tank was drained to do this. Also Are all M35 tanks the same . Am trying to source a second hand tank but no luck so far. what other option besides getting a another tank where would i get a custom made tank? I have been quoted about 5 hours for labour. is that about right. I am in Brisbane
  14. advice heeded guys . thanks have ordered a further 2 tyres 24518 r 45 but I have to drive 3 kilometres to Tyre shop on front and back mismatch sizes. What sort of distance is unacceptable? Also 45/225 and 45/245, the difference is 1.6 percent which is apparently acceptable according to a prior post. is that true
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