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  1. good luck fellas n ladys hope all goes well!!!! great planning chris and paul hope the weather is good ... i must say this cruz (only this cruz ) problay was a good idea u told the cops paul considering whats going on hope it dont spoil your day in anyway ........ and hope the cops dont take it to there advantage well done guys great effort ... wish i was a skyer still :lol: have a great day im sure it will be with the people involved ..........looking forward to the pics up there they should be great shots B) ...........
  2. <<<sh^t ............great job chris looks like a top day....
  3. well i shouldnt say anything(cause i wernt there ) but i will say that abo_bob &sau admin and members do put alot of time in to all events wich are all normaly awesome days!!!! i dont know what duncan put in to help but it would take more then one person to run a show even if he went a bit over board on the name calling etc he still helped. how ever i think this was all misunderstood by a point made by paul that he payed money 4(accom) etc and others didnt then had the whole weekend canned but 4 sum it was just a coulpe hr's lost that day not a weekend.(not including the sau team which put in more no doubt).. even if it was the right decision people should still be able to express there point of view ... which some people havent had a view in this thread just had a bitch ... hey kel i think duncan can stick up 4 him self then have u playing mind games about peoples point of view. come on that stuff about the zoom mag crap was pathetic....
  4. !!!!SHIT DAVE I THOUGHT YOU HAD IT BACK AGES AGO about time you sau newi members organise a cruz again!!! the dunnydores are taking over again... i personaly wouldnt tell the police (why) if everyone behaves like they have on most cruz's there wouldnt be a prob specialy when there is no more than 15 cars which is about right on a newi cruz and all the guy's are level headed .. only if i still had GRUNTN!! bugger when the date is set i might turn up on the bike to catch up with you guy's..........
  5. hello just wondering if anyone knows who has my old plate now. ive just been told by the guy that brought my car and plates, that he handed them back cause it would cost 140 change over. i checked and there gone again!!!!!!!!!!! so some one got good plates for nearly nothing oh well.anyone know???
  6. good to see you sydney guy's up to the hunter. ranicx make your mind up mate!! one post said you didnt know when this speed was done (which tells us that you where probably speeding alot. does it not??) and now your using it as a excuse for over taking a car which was probably unnecessary. not that i give a shit but it's one way or the other.
  7. ANY ONE SEEN the new owner of my old baby in sydney?????? in rockdale area.
  8. did this white vl have ZOOOOS number plate??? this car is from newcastle and run's 10.2.
  9. ok thanks 4 that abo-bob!!! havent got it yet just thought i missed out on the feed back cause i missed last issue. well there you go sau member's that entered!!!!!!!! some of you are shown in a number one magazine around the world. well done to sau again!!!!!!
  10. spotted (MR 32) purple 32 gtst today at swansea (newcastle) look's sweet!!!! but sound's and blow's shit out!!!
  11. REALY???????can you scan the colum??? any feed back in the mag about the turn up????/ was awesome day. never forget it now ive sold my car.
  12. well done stace n paul!!!!!!!!! as most of us know this car is one awesome gtr and it's even better seeing it on the roads around newcastle ( yeah NEWCASTLE not sydney ) well done guy's!!!!!! good luck when you race the cane toads.
  13. time to run old lady's of the footpath on a road bike!!!!!!!
  14. too cheap silver 12k without the rim's im selling them for $1400. i give you guy's a tip!!!! keep racing (on a strip of course) and dont play football!!!!
  15. i would just like to say thank you to SAU and the member's that i've met since ive had my car, i sold it today and it will be missed!!!!! especially the guy's from event's and cruz's!!! not to mention the organisers of sau that make this all happen for fellow skyliner's well done SAU!!!!!!! ### cheer's to all the guy's at newcastle tooo , maybe one day ill be back!!!!!!! but GRUNTN is gone!!!2 SYDNEY.
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