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  1. Damn, I'd love to come along and meet a bunch of you, but I'll be in Qld for a DA event. I'll make the next one though.
  2. Not sure if I'll be able to make it, but sounds like fun. And watch out when driving home afterwards, cos the roads'll be full of drivers 'inspired' by the movie.
  3. The guy who owns that works in my building, the car's always parked around it. Really looks the goods.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. There were heaps of people there, the day was full. Next event is a drift/grip day at Wakefield this Saturday. Feel free to come along and maybe take your car on the track??? General and registration info here: Clicky
  5. Car looks great mate. Was good to see it out there. Couldn't come say hello, I was pretty busy most of the time, but I'll come say hi at QR for sure. Well done.
  6. Great news mate, congrats. It's all coming together now. My mate and I will be driving there and towing his car. His name's Rob and he drives a white 180SX with a Cosmo 13B in it. F**king crazy.
  7. I should probably clarify. The car's got an HKS boost controller that has three buttons (low, high and manual) and a knob to adjust the manual setting. On the dyno day, a mate told the guy running the dyno to crank it up to see what the car could do, without me knowing. So I'm standing there, they clear everyone away from my car as I'm thinking 'hehe, it's not that bad guys', then it pulls 173 rwkw. The guy turns to me and says 'so how high do you want to go?' I ask 'how high was that?' and he says 1.4 bar. I shat myself and said that'd do. On the track, I made sure I never went over 0.9 bar.
  8. Yeah, mine was the 2wd pig. Which was yours?
  9. Hey Dan, still looking ok to be ready by Saturday??? I'll be pitcrewing for a mate in Super Drift, I'll come over and say g'day if I see you.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys, it was great fun. I can't wait for the next IDA day at Wakefield on June 10. Majanal, it may have looked like I got the hang of it, but looks can be deceiving. I'm looking forward to practising my clutch kicks at Wakefield. As for mods, it's a direct paste from another site, so sorry for the long post: This is my drift Skyrine. Found the inspection report so I can actually remember what it's got now. Model: 1990 Nissan R32 Skyline GTS-T Colour: Calsonic Blue Bodykit: Bomex front bar, Racing Silhouette side skirts, rear pods and rear wing Engine Type: RB20DET (old and tired) Engine Mods: None, stock as a rock Engine Management: Stock computer Power: 173.3rwkw (at 21psi with a ceramic turbo ) Exhaust: Trust 3-inch system split into twin pipes at rear Gearbox: Stock Skyline 5-speed with short shift kit Clutch: Stock Diff: Nismo 2-way mechanical diff Brakes: 4-pot front, 2-pot rear, slotted and crossdrilled rotors Suspension: KYB height and damper adjustable coilovers Wheels/Tyres: 4xR32 GTR rims, 4xR32 GTS-T rims, tyres will vary Interior: Full roll cage, Nardi steering wheel, Bride bucket seat, Defi oil & water temp meters, GReddy boost gauge, Omori exhaust temp gauge Other Mods: Bosch 040 in-tank fuel pump, HKS pod filter, bov, HKS Electonic Boost Controller, HKS turbo timer, Divor speed cut defender Stereo: Some weird Jap double din unit that doesn't have the frequency range to get Aus radio networks and only plays some CD tracks Build Period: Bought in March '05, imported in July, sat in a garage until last month. Cost: Approx $8,500 so far. Future Mods: Front mount intercooler, turbo that doesn't have shaft play or leak oil, possible engine conversion if/when this one dies.
  11. Hi all. I've got a track-only 32 GTS-T and I had my drift debut on Saturday. I spun more times than I could count, but it was an awesome day. Here's a couple of pics, taken by unda2l on dorished: Cheers Ben
  12. Thanks, hopefully I won't embarrass myself too much. On another note, I've got a 2-way diff being freighted here overnight from Sydney which Ed is going to put in tomorrow
  13. Spotted a silver 32 GTR, a black 32 GTR, and a blue 32 GTR - RB 026 - all at Ed's on Tuesday when I dropped my lowly GTS-T off.
  14. Hi all, it's been ages since I've been on this forum. Thought I'd jump on again and say hi to everyone. Update is that the line still hasn't been on the track, but rather sat in a garage for months. Same month I got it I drove my Z into a gutter, so the next few months were spent funneling money into repairs, and then the drift events were largely over for the year. Plus of course, I'm a slack bastard. I've replaced the fuel pump with a Bosch 040, and now it doesn't stall . Diff's making a grinding noise but I'm taking it to Ed next week to have it looked at and probably welded (Also ) Also, neon has been removed. And next Saturday there's a drift practice day at Oran Park, which I'm all paid up for. So the Skyrine might finally make it Australian* drift debut (*I imagine it was strapped/drifted while in Japan). Anyway, I'd like to meet up with you all at some stage to say g'day in person and get to know the ACT line community. That is of course assuming your all happy for me to bring along my Falcon ute to public gatherings - line's still track-only. Cheers Ben
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