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  1. Was living in Japan last year, smallish city. Whether they salt the roads or not, I'd wager the biggest protection to be: their unwillingness to drive in icy weather! ie. they just stay at work/home. Some of my most traffic free experiences were driving in the first few snows of the season. But then Japan is a diverse place...
  2. thanks ylwgtr - exactly the sort of info I was after. Additionally, what sort of import duty would have to be paid? Is it 15% of the "value" of the car?
  3. Hi, I'm considering a job in Japan for next year, and wondering what's involved in bringing a car back with me to Australia that I would buy over there? I'm aware that I'd need to have proof of ownership for 12 months or greater, but I'm unsure of how the process differs from the Low Volume Import scheme. Apart from not needing the same type of compliance as a Low Volume import, what other differences are there? Would the car need to be registered and used, or could it be bought at the beginning of the year, warehoused, and then import as a private import? Thanks for any info you can provide. -wm
  4. What year? And where did you source one at so, um, "reasonable" a price? wow....
  5. Don't know about a new import, but www.vehicledirect.com.au does some pretty good deals on used imports. Have not found prices like that anywhere else. -wm
  6. I've been after a 4 door Skyline for some time, but your interest in trading a small car (eg Corolla) might just sway me! I have a 92 Corolla CSi sedan with 205K on the dial. The paintwork is not real flash, but mechanically it's quite good. I get just under 500K to a tank of BP Ultimax (40L tank). I have a full service record for it since I purchased in late 98. I've driven it for 95K now. Not an exciting car, but it has been reliable, and after some initial expenses, quite cheap to run. I'd be interested to know a few more things about your ride: - how much is it costing you to insure in Brisbane (with all those tasty mods)? - how much do you estimate it would cost to fit and tune the SAFC? Also, the kms sound quite low to me - how many have you put on it in Australia? Do you have the original auction record for it? -wm
  7. I might have missed something (ie. perhaps you're importing for track use only), but how do you get a gtst with rb26dett complianced? I would have thought that this 'mod' would be considered too far out of factory spec
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