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  1. seems true....but i didnt think it would be this childish on here
  2. i agree i did nothing wrong and its not my fault someone posted photos of me on a website without my permission but whats with the judging? i havent seen neone write nething mean about another one of u guys so y pic on the girls?
  3. LOL probably not lol when he first started there he was always givin his mates discounts on parts until he got them and they never paid nething for them so he was like...pfft last time i do a favour for someone lol
  4. there isnt he is employed my nismo and works on skylines n that but he works at a nissan place. His friend crashed his r34 and i nearly cried he he he it was a gts-t and he works for nismo as well...so maybe they no something we dont :whatsthat
  5. oh well thnkz neway gtrs rock but so do all skylines, my brother works for nismo and he says gtrs r sh!t he wants a gts-t....i dont understand that yeah thats true...like 50 cent and all that....thats y i stick to the old stuff. i love trick daddy's song thug holiday its so good...and the lyrics are fantastic
  6. yeah i love the song paper paper but krayzie bone is awesome alone. has ne one heard the song by tupac n bizzy bone confessions? its mad
  7. ha ha ha honestly the onli reason i asked that was coz my best friend asked me too and i figured it would start some convo. I love BTNH but i wouldnt pass up a cruise in a skyline if it was offered
  8. yeah public enemy and NWA r the real legends they what started rap..... my faves r just dont bite it, she swallowed it, and (f word) the police
  9. nah i respect them becoz they came so far after such a hard life...and i just love the music, and its not childish, i dont understand how it could be. but yeah. i like bonethugs n harmony more then tupac tho
  10. nah i felt slack. . . im not usually the type of person that says stuff like that so i was gonna change it but i figured i might as well delete it
  11. ok fair enuf...but i cant help thinking tupac should be respected. im sorry ok over it....do u guys always pick on the chicks that come on here? the bubblicious thing was a joke
  12. ok for 1 i lived in campbelltown for like 2 weeks unlike me and my friend were moving out but i still stay at my friend from highschools (which im still doing becoz im not 18 im 17) 2 its called a joke or dont u know what that is, u should learn to handle it instead of as u said "going off ur tangent" like that critisicising a girl that lets me real here, is probably half your age and 3 im not a skank or a westie and u judge that by where i stayed for a few weeks, get real! i was born overseaz. westie my behind now get lost ur not worth ne more of my time thnx, have a nice day,evening or night, whatever it is in ur head
  13. ill tell u wats funny.....u act as if u know me and as if im all young n that becoz i am actually younger then u but who will be laughing when i put my bubblicious in ur hair i know i will. ur just jealous of tupac becoz like most of us...he is better then u bye
  14. i dont know how to pm a pic to u :S i could email it to u probably or like i sed if u have msn i can show u on there
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