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  1. Thanks Bill, You have PM!! We can discuss a good price!
  2. Gday guys, Just wondering if anyone has any stockie rims with at least semi decent tyres laying around they don't need or want to get rid of? Needed for an R32 Gtst. Give aways accepted or can offer a small financial incentive. Thanks guys.
  3. Must sell soon!! 11.5k or your best offer!! Must sell!!
  4. Hey, Unfortunately I don't have the stock bodykit or wheels any longer. Only the stock rear bar. I would like to sell it as one piece but as I need to get rid of the car soon due to a new job, I am open to any offers. The price is merely a guide and i'm very flexible. PM me or reply on the forum and we can discuss a price your thinking of and work out a deal. Cheers
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