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  1. Hey PHT34, i see you around Mango hill like constantly lol OH and spotted Karen at Northlikes, havent waved to a skyline in ages.
  2. Spotted a yellow R34 GTR parked outside the Morayfield Kmart tyre and auto on thursday..... scares me seeing a gtr with the front wheels hard against the curb and the bumper and lip pushed all the way up the curb anyone on here
  3. williansmith, ya front bumper in those pics looks liek one of those bomex stlye one.. tough car, keep the wing though
  4. This picture shits me, i took a few of them, but none made me happy with the result... how do i make it look better,,?? like crisper and sharper.... should i be using photoshop or doing it before pressing the button.. any tips would be great guys
  5. i thought acid rush was taht colour ford uses, that crzy fluro yellow colour... guess not
  6. do those new mirrors still fold in??? if they dont, that would forever annoy me having a switch that does nothing....
  7. spotted hackerx again coming into newport this afternooon..
  8. hey guys, im after two things for A R34 GTT aswell, first is the Plastic centre console peice thatt goes around the gear stick ( tiptronic not manul) and also the piece of platic that is the hinge for the centre console, it the bit that attaches the lid to the console (the bit that the arm rest screws into ) cheers
  9. i play as Blunterbryn play halo 3, halo wars, GRID, fallout 3 the most id say, but got way to many games which is kinda sad
  10. Hey, YEsterday i opened up my arm rest thing, thats in the middle of car lol, dunno what the name for it is, and well it folded right ip and into the back :| i looked at the hinge arm things,and niether seem broken, so i guess they have just come off the runnner,s but for hte life of my i cant see how to fix this. Has anyone got any idea on how to fix these?? cheers BRyn
  11. spotted a red r34 coupe outside nandos / noodle box at strathpine today at 12:40. PLEASE GET rid of that wing
  12. may have been me on anzac avenue at that time, although i have a spoiler
  13. lawl funny one mark, musta been the same pole you drove into with your 34 gtr
  14. wow great pics, i spent all of october in europe, came home with 6000 something pics lol ( 2000+ form monaco alone) although my pics looks extremely close to yours, jsut not as good hope ya enjoying it
  15. i spotted one chris last month, i spotted in redcliffe and followed for a bit, and another member spotted same car just later in day at goldcoast. there are pics of it in the QLD spotted section if u check that. ( may be back a few pages.)
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