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  1. Hi guys, I am selling my 1997 JDM 96 spec DC2 Integra Type-R. I have owned it when I lived in Japan for the past few years, and as I relocated back this year to Perth, I went through all the process to bring it back with me. Its a fantastic car. I have had it maintained to a high order, and really searched long and hard to find a good one when I was looking to buy. It goes like stink, and there are less than a handful of JDM versions in Australia. Instantly recognisable, extremely rare, and very very fun to drive. Sadly, it has to go as my brother and I are funding a legal battle against the executor of my mother's estate who has been stealing a lot of cash...we shall be going to court, and lawyers aren't cheap. Reluctant sale. First to see will buy. Genuine enquiries only please. The price is negotiable within reason, but no lowballers or tyre-kickers. I am located in Wellard. $18000 ono Here is some more info of its for sale advertisement on boostcruising - http://www.boostcruising.com.au/car-sales/2547175-1997-Honda-Integra-for-Sale.html
  2. Here we go....no idea how to have them in a folder, so here they are one by one. Hope these links work, first time I've done it. http://tinypic.com/r/2ng55oh/8 http://tinypic.com/r/2z4k4t4/8 http://tinypic.com/r/67nmdi/8 http://tinypic.com/r/5u3f5e/8 http://tinypic.com/r/2mesch1/8 http://tinypic.com/r/23t04uc/8 http://tinypic.com/r/ajustt/8 http://tinypic.com/r/16ljn7b/8 http://tinypic.com/r/2iapx00/8
  3. Hey guys, Cheers for the interest. After numerous tries putting photos up, it just does NOT want to play ball. No idea why it keeps failing. Anyways, PM me your emails, and I'll fire them through. Or better yet, just email me -> [email protected] In regards to pricing, I've only worn it a handful of times, and its been kept mostly boxed and stored away safely. I paid $650 for it 10 years ago, and would like something at that price, or close to it. Considering generic race suits to wear for the track cost a fair bit anyways, not to mention this one has the added bonus of being a ridgy-didge Nismo pit crew suit. If I keep it around I may be inclined to buy another GTR or an S15 just so I have an excuse to keep it and wear it...so it's an evil temptation and must go
  4. Hi guys, Bought this for a pretty penny over 10 years ago from Unique Autosports back when I had my GTR. I wore it a couple times to track days for a bit of fun, and took it with me to Japan for the past 5 years where it sat in a box. Time has come to pass it on to a Nissan-phile to hang up on the wall in the garage as a piece of memorabilia, or even for somebody who wants that something different to have on when rocking up to a track day in their Nissan. I am 5'11" and it is a little baggy on me with the legs and arms, but still fits ok in all the other areas of the suit and wasn't a problem for me to wear. The sizing says "LL". Judging from how it fits me (via the length of the arms and legs), I would say it would probably fit someone in the 6'1" - 6'4" range really well. I was told when I got it that it was a genuine Le Mans-era pitcrew suit. The TWR badge on the side makes me think that is likely, given that TWR were involved in the R390, which was around 1998 or 1999 that Nissan raced at Le Mans. The old-school Nissan logo (not sure when the race teams changed to the newer hamburger logo) could mean an earlier era however? I'm not much of a Nissan racing history afficianado, but I am sure some of you reading this will be and could probably pinpoint perhaps what era or race series it came from. It's in near-perfect condition besides a minor soiling stain in the seat of the pants, which is quite faint and I only actually noticed it today when taking pics of it. Perhaps someone on the pit-crew took the R390 for a hot lap and literally sh*t his pants? It certainly doesn't smell though (thank god) and you literally barely notice it. Expressions of interest via PM from genuine interested people only please. FYI; the photo uploader isn't working and I was having trouble loading up pics. If you PM me with your email addy I can email pics.
  5. When they are all rusted-out sh*tboxes that pose absolutely ZERO threat to the locally delivered Australian models (which is ostensibly the motive for the gov't to be so draconian). Hell, they are already zero threat now.
  6. C130 Laurels start at around $10k, and stretch to as much as $30k. Most are around the $15k - $25k mark. Way too expensive. Shame of the stupid pre-89 rule... I'd love a C33 Laurel. When will this dumb rule change? I mean, these cars are 25 years old now. Surely the gov't will wake up and change this law and eventually make it pre-90, or pre-91 etc etc as the years go by. Does anybody know if this ruling will change? Or is it still going to be pre-89 only even years from now?
  7. Thanks mate. I'll send you a PM. Might have to see what you could help me bring in - as I could have a car complied (if its a SEVS car) in QLD, then have it brought over to WA I suppose? Most of the AE86s here for sale are DOGS. You do see the occasional one in a not-so-sought after color/trim/bodystyle combo that is still a great condition car but nobody wants it, as they are all fanboys here looking for the clones of various D1 cars, famous manga/anime AE86s and so on. I have the feeling that back in Australia, people wouldn't be so picky?
  8. Been having some engine trouble with my DC2R, which more or less threw cold water on getting a sweet older ride anytime soon. Right now just saving cash so I can get it looked at and hopefully fixed, but smoke billowing out from the exhaust is never a good sign Rang up Seeker and they said $3000 for a head gasket, and about $7000 to reco the engine! Damn... Seriously hoping I can get it done cheaper than that! Still clinging to the hope that I will have enough coin by the end of the year to pick up an older ride. I was keen to get an Evo 7/8, but after riding in my friends totally worked 8MR recently, I have to say I was left a bit wanting. It didn't feel fast at all. And if it did feel mildly quick, it was in a very techno/industrial/agricultural way as is the case with most Subies/Lancers...didn't feel sporting at all. Next option is an FD RX7 to bring back home, and can get an engine rebuild here for about $2500-3000. Was thinking of getting a good and clean but higher mileage one on the cheap and freshening up the engine before bringing it back. But now with the exchange rate plummeting and the head aches of compliancing and all the other jazz that will happen with any SEVS car, the easy way out is to just pick up a modified sick older ride. I'll probably be leaving Japan end of the year, and might not be bothered with the hassle of a SEVS import, so may just do the pre-89 rule car plus my Integra. Still keen on a two-door FJ20 DR30, an AW11 MR2 4AGZE targa-top, or even a 3.0 litre manual old-school Soarer. An '88 CA18 S13 Silvia would be nice too, but S13's are probably cheaper in Australia than Japan now these days. Good thing about the pre-89 cars, is that the rules on having new tyres/compliancing/must be totally standard and all the other jazz they expect of SEVS cars isn't anywhere near as strict. Could bring one over with mild mods and it wouldn't be an issue. I like that.
  9. Yep, they are getting costly to find here. Perhaps trying to find a DR30/R31 in Oz might be a smarter move!
  10. Yep, the RB26 car would be a no-go sadly.
  11. A guy at my work has a Hakosuka. Cost him $45 grand.
  12. Leopards are nice. I like their styling, but I'd be petrified something would break on me. R31's look hot in my opinion... if only they had an FJ20 and I'd be all over them. Still holding out for a DR30, however if a good S12 with an FJ20 came along in great condition and for a good price (simply by not being as sought after as a DR30) I'd seriously consider it. In terms of other cars, a 4AGE AE86 (clean and stock if possible - all the modded ones are ruined), 4AGZE AW11 or a tidy/original RX7 12A turbo Savannah GT are the current outside contenders Thanks for all the links. Pleasure 2000 have a DR30 RS-X turbo C... for almost $30k... Also have a nicely modded S15 for not so much though. Musashino has some good cars and well-priced! And its great to see the range of original and new parts (both factory and aftermarket) being offered by shops like Jenesis! Incredible. Keeping these old classic Nissans on the road
  13. Szymonsta - that shop you linked there has some fantastic cars! All very well-priced too. Biggest thing which annoys me in Japan is the wildly varying prices that you will see vehicles for sale - and it often doesn't always correlate to the actual condition of the car. I.e. you can see an absolute sh*tbox for skyhigh prices, than see the same vehicle in pristine condition for half the price at some other dealer. Really makes it hard to actually work out what is a fair price to pay for a particular make and model. You mentioned some good cars there, and as keen as I am on a Supra, the 1JZ didn't come out in those until after '89 sadly. The 2.0 1g motors spin bearings if not maintained correctly, and the 7M's, while able to put out respectable power once tuned correctly, are a little uninspiring for me (and plenty of those in Oz already). The short wheelbase Z31 - is that the 200ZR model? If so, they are a great looking machine. Bit of an orphan car back in Australia though right? Sad there just isn't the same mad Z-car following such as what exists in the US and Japan back in Australia Does the VG30DET (190kw version) come out in the short wheelbase/light-weight JDM Z31 model? Would it be a far quicker/more capable car than the AUDM Z31? Or still a big heavy/underpowered car regardless? DR30's are hot-as. Still on the hunt for one, but there isn't much on the market at the moment. I have until later this year. Quite daunting when the (good) ones I have found are being sold for 8k or more... Again, totally unsure how negotiable the car-yards may be, often they can be very negotiable if you get the right shop. Hard to say until I start going in there and seeing what they'd be willing to let them go for. Considering an Evo 8 is able to be picked up here for only a tad more than that price, I will be picking up one of those as a SEVS car near the end of the year, and am still clinging onto the faint glimmer of hope that I can pick up a nice DR30 for under 5k and bring that back as well. Then I'll have 3 cars on the boat back to Australia at the same time; Evo 8, DC2R and a DR30... If no good Nissans or DR30's available on the cheap, then it'd be a clean 4AG or 4AGZE AW11 MR2 (they are still cheap and in great condition) or possibly snag a 4AG Sprinter...
  14. It definitely wouldn't be my daily; it'd be babied and spend its time in the garage. But it would be driven (definitely NOT thrashed, not in anger, but an occasional squirt here and there), and it would need to be relatively reliable. No need to argue about reliability - I've owned four rotaries before...
  15. Getting keen on a DR30. Their prices here are rising and are currently more expensive than the R31's. Buy it, take it home and put it in the shed Any difference on collectability between the DR30 coupes and the sedans? Or is it minimal to none? Seen more sedans of late, the 2000RSX model with the huge decals down the side. Hot looking car, but still think the lines are more attractive on the coupe. Have only seen one S12 for sale, and it was MINT - only 43000kms on the clock. Had the CA18DET in it though, not the FJ20
  16. E30 M3? Let me go get a second mortgage on my house for that one... (Lovely choice, but financially a complete impossibility) In regards to the DR30, are they rare/collectible in Australia? And most importantly, do they have any real $ value? I'd hate to burn $10k or so bringing one back, when I could spend around that (or less) to buy one locally...and without all the importing hassles. Any difference in value/collectibility comparing the coupe version to the sedan version?
  17. Hi guys, Currently in Japan and nearing the 4 year mark teaching over here. Getting itchy feet and want to pull out, but before I do that... it's time to shop for a car (or three) to bring back! I currently have a JDM Integra DC2 Type-R which I'll probably apply to DOTARS and get the ball rolling on personally importing it back. However, I'd like to snap up a nice machine, bought here relatively cheaply, that will be a pre-'89 car and eligible for import. Basically, I want something as quick, modern and enjoyable/sporty to drive as possible. I've narrowed my list down to shopping for ENGINES, and car's that contain them FYI, cars can be AWD or RWD, but not FWD. And only in manual. I guess the main contenders are: CA18DET - 87-88 S12 Silvia/Gazelle? 87-88 Bluebird SSS (ATTESSA)? FJ20ET - DR30 Skyline? S12 Silvia RS-X? VG20ET - 86-88 Leopard? VG30ET - 84-88 Z31 Fairlady Z, Leopard? Gloria/Cedric (but all autos? Heavy tanks of cars that will be slow?) VG30DET - 87+ Gloria/Cima (autos only?), Leopard - which model? I would also consider an RB20DET, but it seems that people have nothing but bad things to say about them - especially as being torque-less, weak powerplants. Is that the case for the ones in the early R31 Skylines too? The only engines on that list I have personal experience with is the CA18DET. Which are quite nice little motors, usually in small cars, and can definitely be tuned to put out decent power. I'd be happy with one of those. FJ20's are legendary, and clearly the horsepower hero. Not sure how hard it is to find power-up parts for them these days? Are they quite a tough engine that I can safely assume to be in good, working order even after all these years? If anybody has driven any of these cars/engines in anger, please chime in and tell me which cars/engines are the boat-anchors and not worth picking up, and which are actually worthwhile. At the moment, I am definitely leaning towards a DR30 FJ20ET.... but am also desperately hunting for an early Bluebird AWD CA18DET SSS ATTESSA, and am also quite intrigued to see if an S12 Silvia (FJ20ET or CA18DET model) and if they are any good to drive? Or slow as sh*t? Same goes with the VG30ET (170kw) and the VG30DET (190kw) surely must be tuneable and must go alright in the Leopards/Z31/Cima/Gloria?
  18. Sorry to necro an old thread, but I am curious on this one too. I currently live in Japan, and am planning to wind up my time here later this year. I have a JDM DC2R that I plan to bring back as a personal import, yet I also want to privately import back a pre-1989 car (under the '88 or older rule) at the same time. I MAY also pick up a JZX100 Chaser Tourer V and bring that back as a SEVS car too (my big hurrah to bring back 3 cars when I leave Japan). My one burning question is this - does the "1 car in 5 years" deal apply ONLY to personal imports owned and used abroad by myself? Or does it apply to ALL forms of imports... thereby forcing me to choose one out of my 'Teg, Chaser (sevs) and the pre-'89 car?
  19. I could tell a very long and sordid tale about my experiences with Geoff and Prestige (and Mark Schumann who was his 'man on the ground in Japan' at the time). Needless to say I would NEVER EVER go through him or recommend him to anyone. Totally ripped me off on an R32 GTR I got through him a number of years ago, which after "waiting on the docks" for 4 months (yeah, right) arrived with a swapped engine running on 5 cylinders, a gearbox with NO third gear remaining, and completely missing ALL the performance parts it had on it when I bought it. PM for more details, as I really don't want to spread it all on the forum (but am willing to spill the beans if people want the story).
  20. Are you serious? That museum is amazing. You'd be hard pressed to find a motor museum with such an impressive array of cars, in such a well-designed venue AND with such presentation and synergy to the concept of showing people the progression of the passenger vehicle from early Da Vinci concepts to modern day.
  21. I'll be at TAS on Sunday 15th. Some friends of mine with workshops and automotive engineering firms will have some booths there, plus I'm a local living in Yokohama. So if anyone wants a trip down to Daikoku on the Sat night lemme know. I don't have a skyline anymore, but I do have a 1996 Celica GT-FOUR
  22. Living in Yokohama myself. I get all the work on my GT-FOUR at Do-Luck. PM me and I'll give you my email etc and answer any questions you have about the local scene/tuners etc. Dave
  23. No point bringing it in as a personal import. I won't have any change out of 8-10k. Same with parts. Its a weapon though - if any people live in Nihon and love their horsepower, this is the car for you
  24. http://nissan-rentacar.com/campaign/hills/specialcar.html
  25. Nissan rent-a-car Roppongi Hills. They have 2 Z's - one roadster, one hard-top. They also have an R35 GT-R (single day rental only)
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