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  1. heslo

    You can and it's been done before. I myself prefer the flange route, its easy, quick and neat
  2. heslo

    That's a custom job, not an off the shelf item like Tomei. Plus titanium flanges aren't cheap. Source the material yourself, pay the import costs and see what it sets you back
  3. heslo

    Can I ask as to why you want someone else?
  4. heslo

    You'll struggle to find anyone
  5. heslo

    You've got a PM
  6. heslo

    Go see Andrew at AMPerformance, he'll make you up an awesome custom job
  7. heslo

    Good choice
  8. heslo

    When you're on drugs, you don't really care
  9. heslo

    United at Pooraka and Tapleys Hill Rd
  10. heslo

    Rhemac bar none
  11. heslo

    Awesome Jenks, awesome!
  12. heslo

    You and I both!
  13. heslo

    Still angling to make sure I'm in the state for this, is it still a go go? I don't want to change plans to not go