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  1. My dust pan is still on my fronts and has the lip sitll..does this mean mine are r34 brembos and gtr rotors? As my dust pan is not hiting my rotor and has the lip..?.. in this guide for z33 calpiers you need to trim the dust pan lip or remove it for z33 rotors
  2. oh wow they do bolt into the same place and just a rotar change.. thank you for that.. seems it could be either brembo.. measure it is it seems. So I'll do that soon. Thanks to all who helped and cleared this up for me.. lol @ when I cared about sharing knowledge 🤣🤣 ..so gets like that
  3. This is mine . Though guess hard to tell if a z33 or gtr grr
  4. Ahh I'll look...they are the nice gold brembo that the had did z33 have gold?...crZy so z33 calpiers bolt dorr direct into the front if a r34? The bolt pattern to take them on and off... thanks all I'll measure the height and all and see what size... they seem to take r34 gtr pads though looked up and z33 seems to have the same front pad.. so may be z33 brembos.. Thanx for the help guys..didn't want to buy the wrong one and have my wheels on And of alot..
  5. Haha Oh son of rajab . Its like that haha..I checked the pads and they are gtr bolt line up so few they are brembo gtr....I think i must be thicker as i measured and def past 310mm... came to past 320mm so must be 324mm..sorry to ask is the gtr r34 rotor different I size? Or is it just the thickness..should be right to get gtr r34 rotor it sounds? .thanx so much to all
  6. Thanx..hey so would have to be gtr rotors to fit the calpiers ? Or just a little bit thicker rotor? If you know thanx
  7. Thanks I better do that..was seeing if anyone knew before i jacked it up.. was thinking it must be thicker then a gtt rotor... though does a larger rotor fit?.. it would only be the thickness difference? Not a height or width difference?.. when I spin the wheel it sounds like the rotor makes a small grind sound when I try spin it..is this normal? Or shouldit free spin with no small grind sound? ..sux when you get a car and not sure what someone has done or if it's riggt
  8. Hi sorry if someone has asked this before..I had a search Just wanted to know if front brembo r34 gtr calipers direct fit onto gtt rotors with no issues.. My r34 came with front gold brembos and looking to change the worn down slotted rotors that it came with though im not sure if they are gtt rotors or a little larger or thicker?..thanx
  9. Hey thanks so much.. so appretiate the comment. Years ago I always wanted one to just complete my car..so i had to make it...it was hard tho mainly hard is the letters to get perfect with small letter tape.. I didn't take any pics while I did it:( though I recallit all 🤯🤯 hehe.. I could pop one up for the forum..it's helped me alot over the years...I swear I followed a diy in that section ?..maby it was a post by someone
  10. Price: $250 may be negotiable Location: gold coast Can post within aus.. Sorry for all the info , many on here know how these are made.. Nissan skyline r33 gtr/gtst/gts rear boot garnish light. ..very rare and you can not buy there anywhere only if someome makes one... This is in color..sonic silver.. Color on a r33 series 2 gtst 96 and up and also on any model r33 gtr... it does blend ok against the spark silver which is the silver on a r33 95 model and down. This was made by me and a painter.. Was a clear r33 garnish..then letter where covered with letter tape then primered painted sonic silver left to dy then the tape removed from letters and any remaining small paint scratched of with a blade so the letters all light up 3d even the side's of the letters ( where Nissans factory options did not stick out 3d..this was all done professionally and 2pac paint..then it eas clear coasted to seal it all in... this took many hours ams alot of detail... The back was cut out neat aa per pic and a el board cut and installed to give even lighting acorss tgr letters so no dark spots..it has a inverter installer tge black box for 12v....once el board was in it has been sealed with a foam rubber soft material to seal it in amd no water also blacked taped so nice amd safe.. All you need to do is unbolt your old one connect thr negative wire to the negative on the tail light and positive to tail light so will turn on aa soon as you turn your lights on.. It is in.red el as red is legal ..i did have this light blue ans looked great though may not be legal any other color then red om the rear...i can change this board ti blue if needed though will have to charge $60 to do this. As pic there is a small bit of paint chiped of though lucky its no where near letters and is close to the top..so can have this blended and would cost no more then $70 to do. Only selling this due to no longer have a r33
  11. one of the guys at kudos motorsports has a brand new genuine 34 gtr hood for 1200 if that helps... sort of looking to purchase it
  12. Hey do you still have this for sale.?..how many km are on this..Thanks
  13. Hiii..how many kms on the fuel pump and would this have no issue going into a gtt ? Do you know if the plugs are the same ? Unless you have the female and male end plugs ? Thank you
  14. Are these the parts they took off your car ? And wow..you are right around the corner from me... asshole ppl..where did you end up finding your car..glad they didn't take the bonnet... did they just leave it on blocks with no rims ?
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