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  1. one of the guys at kudos motorsports has a brand new genuine 34 gtr hood for 1200 if that helps... sort of looking to purchase it
  2. Hey do you still have this for sale.?..how many km are on this..Thanks
  3. Hiii..how many kms on the fuel pump and would this have no issue going into a gtt ? Do you know if the plugs are the same ? Unless you have the female and male end plugs ? Thank you
  4. Are these the parts they took off your car ? And wow..you are right around the corner from me... asshole ppl..where did you end up finding your car..glad they didn't take the bonnet... did they just leave it on blocks with no rims ?
  5. Oh this should run air all through my cooler pipes and throttle body and all for leaks ?.. I would think it would just run it through the intake and turbo and exhaust and part engine ?
  6. Ah sweet .. I'll give that a try . I'll make something that can cover the 80mm intake with the afm and run some air through. Thanks a heap hey..I'll see how it goes
  7. Thanks so much for the time to reply guys..so appreciate it... its funny as I have paper work that has just before I bought the car for a new waste gate that is set to 14psi..so wtf..yet max I get is 10psi if I use just the intrenal gate to control my boost ...I might try this pressure test with a compressor.. Scott when you say intake..would I just remove my pod filter and pop 20psi in there ?..or I could remove the engine oil breather line on my metal intake and pop the compressor in there ? Thanks Definitely today in first gear using the waste gate with stock solenoid connected..7psi in first.. 8 ish in 2nd and 9psi in 3rd.grr
  8. Will do.. looking to get this done next week and a smoke test..hopefully it comes up with some leaks to be a easy fix
  9. Wastegate is upgraded that came with the gtx garret
  10. It does seem when the car is cold..10 mins of warm up and then driving I can get around 9.3psi in 2nd and the other gears.. Once it's a lot hoter seems to not make it to that
  11. It's a internal gate.. was thinking maby my wastegate is leaking..I'm not to sure how to tell though
  12. If my boost controller was faulty or set up wrong..would it still hit full boost in 5th ?
  13. Boost controller seems perfect..well its set up perfect.. I tried a turbosmart the piece.the duel when I got the car..It did the dawn thing. Maby ill hook up the stock solenoid and see what is does ? . I have not tried to presure test..good idea ..can any place just do that ?..I guess I would have to take my pipes of ? .. Gtsboy..that's okay..I had a lot of info .. It is a all in one dump and down pipe..
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