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  1. NIStune is around $1,100 supplied installed and dyno tuned. Power fc is 950 (as u say) then tuning costs on top
  2. Does seem a little down on mph fr 450kw. But good work
  3. Depends how fast u were Changing gears Sime. Then gear ratio's come into play. Have u weighed ur car?
  4. No shuffle at all Paul. And Scott ur not allowed to use low boost at the drags
  5. Perfect. Yes theres still more in it. I would prefer to see u enjoy it then push to the limits
  6. I reckon stick to modifying the airbox for now. The underside can be opened a fair bit. But u need to get cool air to the box aswell
  7. Haha Deano. Ur 32 psi was unintentional
  8. Ohh and we actually opened the airbox at 403kw as even that was a push.
  9. The car fought all the way to the end but was worth it He should run 130mph, i ran 131mph with 402kw. Time to test those skills out mate. Let Me know and i will meet u at wsid
  10. 470k ohm resistor? Just double checking. Also try 2 new resistors as i have seen them not work the first time
  11. Yes definately not fun. Its definately easier with the engine out haha
  12. Its a veryfun job to do on RB26's. willtake atkeast 3hours to get off, then cleaning of old gaskets and replacing hoses etc. then atleast 3hours to get back on. DO NOT CLEAN IN AND AROUND THE THROTTLE BODY BUTTERFLIES!!!
  13. Some rb20's have a pressure referenced dampner too
  14. Yes sounds like the inlet gasket is blown. Its pretty common to happen as the gasket gets old. I normally replace the inlet and throttle gaskets with a set of metal nitto gaskets. Also check all the hoses under the plenum as they may need replacing while the plenum is out
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