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  1. Just adding/confirming some info for interested buyers. These are z33/350z as the 370z/z34 came with Akebono calipers. The front calipers will bolt straight onto any r34. For an R33/R32/S chassis/Z32 you would need to either drill the knuckles from 12mm to 14mm to fit the bolts required for the calipers, or install a thread insert into the calipers to change them to M12 thread as per the factory calipers. Discs will also work on the front with no issue. In the rear the Z calipers are significantly different bolt spacing. The PCD seems pretty close as does the offset. A mate has made them fit on his 32 gtst but it will require cutting the knuckles and access to a competent structural welder. Also it's not really suggested for a car that sees street use.
  2. Item:Nismo R32 GTR cluster, with 260km/hr speedo. Condition:51,255km on the cluster, see pictures below. Price:$400ono Location:Sunshine Coast, QLD. Contact: Terry on 0400 728 574 Item: Nismo N1 R32 GTR bonnet lip. Genuine item, not FRP copy. Condition: Captive threads are no longer on the bottom, was secured with double sided tape. Photos show condition. Painted in gunmetal I think. Price: $120 Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD. Contact: Terry on 0400 728 574
  3. Same deal again this weekend if anyone missed out last time and wants to check it out. Also they are running a 4 week sale on content, so if you do like certain tracks and cars and think they are worth paying for, you should be able to pick them up for a decent price.
  4. It would be hard to beat rfactor for sheer number. If you can get past the ageing graphics its still one of the best sims, especially with the realfeel FFB plugin.
  5. Benchmark ran nicely on my build. Gameplay is very poor though, doesn't feel smooth at all and and I need to have setting very low for the build I have. Most other AAA titles run High to Ultra detail 2560x1600 at 60fps+ Terrible port, very inefficient or poorly optimized.
  6. Some of you may have heard of this game. Made by a lot of the developers involved in the original G.T.R. games. Anyway, it has always been free to play on Steam with purchased content, i.e. extra cars and tracks are bought similar to iRacing, but you own them and don't need to pay an ongoing subscription fee. The base cars and tracks were a bit average to me but some of the paid content is brilliant. Here's a clip of some racing: http://youtu.be/2OvX27Exx7o And here is the homepage: http://game.raceroom.com/ The game is approx 16gb on my drive, can't recall the download size.
  7. SOLD back in December. Sorry to those that asked if this was still available.
  8. Did a few career rounds myself the other day, required a few clutch kicks at Snetterton out of some of the tighter corners
  9. Surprised they didn't invite the downshift clowns as well!
  10. Assetto Corsa has mods you can add to the game for extra tracks and vehicles. The community has made some import cars such as s13 silvia, 180sx type x, r32 skyline, honda nsx, nissan s15, mazda fc3s rx7, and a nissan 240sx. There is also a few australian tracks now such as eastern creek, surfers paradise street circuit, adelaide street circuit & barbagallo raceway.
  11. Just bought Assetto and the DLC pack for under $50AUD on the steam sale. Had played it before in the release state (prior to the big patches) and wasn't overly impressed but I turned a few laps at Mugello today in some GT cars and wow! I like the feeling you get through the wheel a lot more than Project Cars! It's obviously not as pretty in some regards as pCARS. I think both have their strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Have been doing a bit lately. Mainly Project CARS as the AI is very ordinary and drives too dirty to have a clean challenging race. Would like to get into RaceRoom Race Experience but haven't bought any content for it yet, AI seems good enough for a challenge as well. Reminds me a lot of GTR and GTR2, I guess that's to be expected seeing as Simbin have had a hand in it's development. Have rFactor 2, not finding it as exciting to get into as the original was though so haven't really been able to get into it. Maybe I just need to find some good cars to run in game Waiting for Assetto Corsa to come on sale on steam and I'll grab it as well. Keen to get back into iRacing again as they have recently updated tyre models so apparently it's a little easier to recover from moments. I'm yet to get as much feedback from the track through the wheel from another game yet. Safety rating system went a fair way to stopping people from acting out when they have a spin or from driving Gran Turismo style, although private servers do that as well I guess once you find a good bunch to race with.
  13. Anything under 1.3V is considered safe for regular use of an i7. The stock voltage of one of the 4790K variants is actually 1.273V @ default clocks. 1.28V is good (lower than average voltage) for a stable 4.7ghz OC on the 4790K. You can expect a higher power draw at overclock than stock, but maybe not as much as you would expect. Taken from Anandtech (http://www.anandtech.com/show/8227/devils-canyon-review-intel-core-i7-4790k-and-i5-4690k/2)
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