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  1. I got an rb20 turbo you can have for 120. I am in Rowville. 0402 486 361
  2. How Do i get one as i dun have a credit card. I go te GFB one but will take it back as this one sound much better by the sounds of it. Where is he located. CAn someone send me some details please.!!
  3. Found the problem. Pulled the turbo off and found 3 of the teethe on the exuast side ( the wheel ) where stuffed. I am now opting for a r33 turbo. I would go high flowed or someting with a litle bit more power but the car might be getting sold soon. Thanks for all da help. P.s I assume the r33 turbo had ceramic parts as the r32 does? ( I have now learnt why people go for steel parts.)
  4. Oooo.. But Pricier then i am looking, How about a standard rebuild
  5. R32 Turbo. How much would a rebuild cost and also a high flow on top? I am in Melbourne South East Side if anyone knows any cheap places.
  6. Very Interested In the turbo? what suburb you in? I am in meblourne, South East Suburbs, Dandenong area What is the best $ you can do, if i was to buy this weekend
  7. Hey All I fixed all my problems and the car was running great for aboout 2 dayz i was driving it yesterday and now it makes a huge whining noise in the turbo. noise the air sucking noise like a loud whines, and it does not boost at all? its like the air isnt goint through the turbo. Any Ideas? Also thre is not smoke It is an r 32 turbo, if i seem to be f$%ked i will replace with an r33 turbo, so if anyone has one goin for cheap let me know please.
  8. You mean rebuld and highflow? HOw much would i be looking at?
  9. Hey all i found my problem with my engine... damm turbo stuffed. anywasy i have a mitsi labcer gsr 4g93 engine with vr 4 inj, apexi safc, fmic, 3" exaust custom manifold with an r32 turbo( broken turbo) Question; Sine all my custom piping on to suit this turbo should i just replace with a second hand one ( about 500 ), rebuild old one( not sure how much) or replace with an r32 GTR turbo ( for 600 ) Quesion if i use da r32 gtr turbo will it bolt in in place of my r32 gts turbo, or will there be a need of heaps of piping mods? I know this isnt a nissan car but my problem is da turbos? Which are nissan ones? Please anyhelp would be appreiated
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