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  1. bump...anyone at all interested? she a bewtifal pup
  2. damn well if u know anyone that might be interested it would be great if u could let them know.
  3. My bf got me this 10week old staffy x mastiff as an early xmas present but sadly im not allowed to keep her as i do not have the time. she is in exellent health, very lovable and recently had her vaccinations and microchipped and all her worming is up to date. she is very playful and needs a loving home. asking $200 to get back the money paid for her and spent on her
  4. u get isoprophyl alcohol from chemists hope that helps i didnt know until like 2 weeks ago that demister was onli on the back, lol that was news to me then i realised my air con was on cold since i bought my car LOL i pay little attention to detail. cold air works a charm just wear lots of clothes if ur planning to go far
  5. no worriez, pretty desperate to sell, hence the price drop
  6. ahhhh that helps alot coz when i got the clutch cable adjusted the guy sed put wd40 down a shaft in the gearbox or something, and my friend did it for me while i was moving the clutch in and out but it didnt help, but it was a bit of a half arsed job LOL mad ill give that a go if not i do have access to a hoist n that, my friends a mechanic so ill find out if he will do it for me. i think the trust bearing would be fairly new since i got told it was a new clutch wen i bought the car and if the thrust bearing is included in the clutch kit.
  7. im pretty sure u can get an exemption from the non turbo rule if u have had the car for more then a year prior to going on ur pz or if ur going back on them from loss of license. Public transport bites ass
  8. oh ok, is that a big job? like do u have to pull the gear box out or is there a way around it i dont really know where the thrust bearing is situated LOL
  9. nah the clutch isnt after market im pretty sure its standard and the shuddering doesnt happen when im taking off it happens like when im driving normal like on a free way or something all of a sudden i just looked at a post similar on pulsar.org he sed that the rear engine mount bracket was broken, and he had the grinding as well, he replaced the bracket but it didnt go away, so he replaced the clutch cable and the noise went. but i put a new cable in it less then 3 weeks ago.
  10. ahhh ok but did u ever have the metal spinning noise thats the thing im most worried about and the shuddering lol the pedal squeaking is the least of my problems LOL the shuddering is prolly the most important tho coz it affects my driving
  11. well when i got the clutch cable they sed there was no after market do u think it might be the thrust bearing? its weird tho it feel pretty hard to put in for a standard clutch and its not smooth taking it out
  12. i can hear it from outside and i can kinda feel it on the pedal. its scary well ive had a mechanic look at the clutch itself he sed it was fine my car has 177000 on it. also when the guy adjusted my clutch he sed a rod in the gear box had to be lubricated.
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