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  1. as the title says, just wondering if anyone has seen it or even owns it! very very smooth car, looks like it has dual spoilers cheers guys n gals
  2. how does the soarer tt compare to the 300zx tt?is it better or worse?
  3. i have been reading about these cars lately and was looking into getting one but theres a lot of negative feedback about these cars can i just get a rundwon of the pros and cons when buying this model of car? cheers ben
  4. say i was to get a 1993 N/A supra i drove it while on my P plates when i got off my P plates i was won dering it would be possible to put the twin turbo engine into it? cheers ben
  5. are the integras any good l ike this http://carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/!c...rch_distance=25 ive always had a soft spot for that model
  6. i think i might go with something like http://carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/!c...rch_distance=25 and then when i get off my p's i can source a gt-t engine for the fastness
  7. could use some more info about the car dude
  8. http://carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/!c...rch_distance=25
  9. how reliable are 33 gts-t's? i was wondering about them but they are a bit old and i want something that wont give me much trouble
  10. hey everyone im in year 12 and i sat down to talk to my dad about what im going to do with my life and i decided that i am going to join the army.... blah blah blah anyway me and dad figured it out that i could get a car that had a max cost of around 20,000 dollars ill have it on my p's i will drive it from sydney to QLD about 5 times a year so has to be a bit comfy but i want it to have some balls cheers guys ben
  11. would a N/A r- 33 make a decent first car (early p- plates) or is it worth the wait to save up and get the gts-t model? cheers ben
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