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  1. The time has finally come, FS: c210 rear hotplate tail lights located petrie, brisbane, only the 2 lights i dont have the centre pieces. the white tape is to hold the lampholder in place as the plastic is broken but is easy to come by a replacement, i had one once but its lost, i will try to find it Price is $1000
  2. i would prefer locally and use yahoo japan as a last resort..
  3. that would be fantastic! if you want to pass on my contact details (or their details) let me know! Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, Im looking for a kit or individual bits to convert my s1 c34 Stagea, im located brisbane north but can travel. Im Looking for: R33 GTR OR GTS4 AWD gearbox a good second hand clutch (not a high priority yet) Flywheel Stagea Clutch and Brake Pedals Master/ Slave cylinders tailshaft Crossmember R33 Handbrake OR Stagea RS4S or RS260 Handbrake AND mount Centre Console trims if anyone else knows of anything i have missed it would be really appreciated or even somewhere that can help me out i will be looking around anywhere i can, Thanks everyone! Hopefully wont be too long til its a manual!
  5. Much less in than on, but i have had it stacked with tools and various others.. the workbench took 4 hefty guys to put on the roof and a bobcat to remove it the boxes are empty but are stacked 1.2m above the roof, got lots of funny looks..
  6. So i have been having trouble starting and running the car lately, finally got a chance to look at it (it lives at my in-laws) and it turns out the previous owner cut into the fuel pump wires and made a mess of it, all restored to factory and started first time, and no mis-fire without the tubo connected and AVC-R installed... still a long way to go but another step closer
  7. Pm sent! would love a workshop manual!
  8. cheers mate! i think there is a little rust in the drivers sill under the side skirt.. the plan is to mechanically check things out and create a job list then strip it down (mostly) and send it to the paint shop/panel beaters and get them to go over it you should do it, they are a fun little car and a helluva lotta fun!!
  9. So this is the beginning of my ultra slow build. The car is a R32 GTST in white, was previously used as a Drift/Track car at Matsuri and various other places and now im looking to "restore" it for road and partial track use. The car was stripped out and was slowly being converted into a track car, i traded my boat for this and intended on building a Daily thats comfortable. The list is very long for parts that are needed and work to be done. Part needed: A/C & heater Unit (everything) Wiring Harness (Whole car) bonnet front and rear bar Interior (pretty much everything) sunroof (whole unit) bonnet clip headlights front indicators driver side tail light paint tyres all 4 rotors Pads FMIC and piping boost/fuel/various other controllers stereo lots of other bits and pieces Due to work (AV tech so lots of night and weekend work) and money (have a kid) this will be slow going but will be done right and enjoyably. I have owned a fair few cars in the past, fords, holdens, a R31 S2 silouhette 2x C210s and a stagea RS4 S1. My Current Daily is the stagea and have a Datsun tucked away in a secret location for my next project. This is not my first turbo car (stagea was) but this is my first turbo build up so its going to be a little bit of a learning curve. anyways i hope this is enjoyable and inspires others to build their own personal piece of skyline history. Enjoy! Build Gallery https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9IBf0LCEVgMa0lJOTRPT2hFNDQ&usp=sharing
  10. wouldnt happen to know if it would work in a series 1?
  11. looking to up the boost to 9psi and the computer has a fit at anything over 7psi
  12. Bought something off eBay and went to pick it up, the guy looks at the car and says "is that a liberty?" the guy was very confused when i explained exactly what it is Not a volvo but close enough...
  13. Hi all, looking for a little help, i scored a second hand AVC-R and RSM from my R32 and i went to install today... The car im installing into is a 1997 Stagea RS4 auto (S1) I found all the wiring manuals and setup instructions beforehand First Problem: so i wired up half of the loom and plugged the controllers in and they powered up instantly, without ignition... Second Problem: the ECU pinout for the AVC-R and RSM shows a pin that isnt used... the speed senser Third Problem: the Revs shown on the tacho in the car is about 1040 rpm and the RSM and AVC-R show over 3200 RPM... First general question: i have a green wire that is tapped into an ECU wire that crosses under the dashboard to the right drivers kick panel... Second question: the HKS FCD, would someone have the pinout for the ecu to wire that in... Pictures if at all possible.. I double checked all pins but im just not sure, if someone out there has installed one before would you be able to point me in the right direction. also i did reset both controllers and it made no difference Cheers in advance
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