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  1. if the diff is 4.11:1 i'll be all over it like a fat kid on a mars bar
  2. I don't mind the V35's, I definitely want to put a VQ35-7 into something one day. Cheers for the offer though, Price drop to $15k
  3. Thanks, price drop to $15900. Love this thing but need a 4x4
  4. This car has been a dream to own, it has performed perfectly for us for long trips and taken us around in comfort and style. The only reason we are selling is to purchase a 4x4 with a big towing capacity so we can tow a caravan. Car - 2004 Nissan stagea Autech Axis Price - $16200 Negotiable (will consider all offers, potential swap for 4x4). Location - Hornsby NSW Contact - 0425311811 Specifications 2004 Model Powerful 3.5L NA V6 Engine 5 speed Automatic with tiptronic 79000kms Dual side Digital Climate Control Reverse Camera Full Leather Interior Factory Heated & Electric Front Seats Factory 18inch Alloys Always meticulously serviced & maintained by local workshop Huge Boot Space, dual opening boot for easy access. Drives great, handles great, power when you need it. Thanks EDIT - Forgot Pictures
  5. I just installed brand new spilt fire coils last week so I should be good there. Fuel pump may need attention though before a power tune. Thanks again
  6. Cheers for the reply. I was in a bit of a rush with the initial post as the donk is not completely standard. to be honest 300 is the aim I was just being conservative. it has Forged pistons, upgraded rods, oil restrictor, sump baffle, tomei metal gaskets. its not over the top but should do 300awkw pretty easliy. My goal with the -9's is to run about 20/21 psi as the haltech will do that by default The clutch has also been sorted. its new and not stock.
  7. here's the deal. I have a reasonably standard but freshly rebuilt 34 gtr. Haltech, -9's, adjustable cam wheels and looking for about 250awkw. What plugs should I be going for and from where?
  8. thread bump - is this the clutch that was being recommended by the masses above >> http://justjap.com/driveline/clutch-components/nismo-super-coppermix-twin-plate-clutch-640ps-471kw-nissan-skyline-bnr34.html ??
  9. It was one of the few things not replaced during the build. Its actually all sorted now I'm just waiting to pick it up.
  10. I had it back for a few days however it split a heater hose on the 4th drive in an awkward spot. Picking it up again on Monday. Engine feels great, sounds good and drives nice. The cold start tune in the haltech is shithouse but once its run in I'll get it tuned properly. I also need to detail it but overall I love it. more pics once its properly cleaned up. Managed to keep it around the planned budget on the engine except for an unexpected gearbag replacement.
  11. Sure mate. Give me 3 weeks and I'll post up all the details. I estimate around 11-12k all up incl removal and replacement and all parts is new turbos etc
  12. Engine built (well mostly). All going to plan I should be test driving this thing mid August.
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