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  1. YBSLO4, let me know if you can get a hol on a HKS SSQV second hand, perfect condition... i live in sydney. thanks dude.
  2. not really. its too common now (too many rex has that). + i like the HKS sound better. thanks anyways.
  3. my bad luck. will look for another offer next time. please pass on to any1 you know that is selling a HKS BOV SSQ, IZG-00D is looking to buy one. Has to be in perfect/immacute condition as much as possible (second hand) thanks guys
  4. sorry guys, i just got the message. ill still beat the price his offering you. $370 for the HKS. how about it??? let me know. thanks
  5. As it states on the forum "WANTED TO BUY" so if any1 is selling a SSQV, im willing to buy it depending on the condition and quality. Let me know guys...
  6. Location : Sydney Price range around : $300 second hand (immaculate condition) (HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valves (SSQV) are dual stage pull type relief valves that by design do not leak under high boost conditions or under idle vacuum and is actuated by pressure alterations to ensure a quick primary and secondary valve response.)
  7. Im 100% willing to buy that now. I live in Sydney. I've been looking for one for ages. $330 to challenge the other buyers out there. let me know. email me on valdesp@hotmail.com thanks IZG-00D
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