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  1. Nice, I'll be following this one! What turbo combo are you going for? Oh and what are your plans with the p/s reservoir?
  2. It's actually easier to take the lines off otherwise you end up bending them around and if they are old/original like mine were they may be brittle, there are good videos/threads on removing the turbos available. It's a bit of a ball ache but can be done. I ended up putting braided lines back on mine, but regret heavily not doing exhaust manifolds and dump pipes. So if you are getting elbow deep into GTR turbo's I'd suggest going in with a plan and parts. All gaskets, new turbo's, exhaust manifolds with studs and metal gaskets, braided line kit or new lines, dump pipes of good quality and new oil drain hoses. You could get all the mech parts second hand as most people just go single turbo so there are heaps of Turbo/dump/manifolds available with low mileage to save cash.
  3. Very similar, they are Mamba turbos. So non bb cartridges wich would be the only real downside other than the size for the 2.6. Be interesting to see them on a 3.0+
  4. Engine - Stock Rb26 Bottom end Head - Tomeii type b poncams & tomeii adjustable cam gears. Brian Crower springs, supertec valves and guides Turbo's - Twin factory mounted TD05-18g's, billet wheels with billet actuators Brain - Nistune, turbosmart eboost street Exhaust - Stock ex manifolds and dumps, Nismo front pipes then high-flow cat to 3.5 inch exhaust straight through to cannon Fuel and supply - 98 PULP, 1170 xspurt injectors, nismo fpr, 450lt/hr pump Intake/Cold side - Nismo AFM's, stock everything else stock including airbox, intercooler, blow off valves, piping and inlet mani 352kw's at the tyres on 19psi. Quite laggy but not as bad as expected, full boost hits just under 5k, 5 degrees adv on inlet cam, 2 on exhaust picked up heaps of mid-range. Very happy with the result, Mark from MRC worked his magic again, I was very nervous about those turbos, the stock airbox and exhaust manis/dumps but all and all it's great! I'll post a graph up shortly.
  5. Reverse economics V's Australian utilities (roads, power etc) ? Or will prices creep back up until they are 3 times now that it's privatised?
  6. Yep, my GTR this year in NSW was just under $500 which is a third of what I have paid for the last 15+ years. Is it aged based or have they just stopped ripping people off?
  7. hahaha. Nice. But does it predate Godzilla? Didn't he kill off the dinosaurs? or was it a man in the sky
  8. Tell me more..? Frakzz - If you want big twins in stock location, literally what ol Dosey says there might be a good starting point, Td05-18 or 20g's with billet wheels CHRA (yes thrust bearings) in a kit (including braided lines, gaskets and studs) for the same price as second hand -5's?
  9. Or.. Swap me the V-spec and I'll keep it bone stock
  10. Yeah single is heaps better for performance, tuning, lag etc etc etc, and has been discussed many times. But.. I'd like to pipe in with my 2 cents. Especially as you have an V-spec. If you do opt to go single, keep all of the factory parts and matching engine if you do replace it as I can confidently say as these things become more and more rare in factory form and the price will only continue to go up.You'd be mad to cut up and change another Vspec to the point where it can't go back to stock if you are an enthusiast, that said end of the day it is your car, your choice. Imagine all the XU1, Coupe Monaro or Phase 3 owners that chopped up good standard examples only to have them worth a fraction of what the OEM ones ended up as these days. Rx7 Gen 1's are another example. If you really wanted a big single monster, surely you could sell on the vspec to a collector and get one already built and put some money in your pocket for more mods!
  11. That was not outcome I expected, hope you enjoy the tree fiddy. You had a great platform for a project car, I'd be interested to see where or whom it has gone to and what their plans are for it.
  12. Gorgeous! Love a 94 in White. Super clean example, good luck with the sale!
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