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  1. rb30gtr

    Getting Jiggy with it
  2. rb30gtr

    Gorgeous! Love a 94 in White. Super clean example, good luck with the sale!
  3. rb30gtr

    Scrap that, different lifters in the RB25, it's the NEO the 26 cams drop straight into. Can anyone confirm?
  4. rb30gtr

    Rb26 cams are a drop in upgrade arent they? If so I've got a set of very low KM RB26 cams that just came out of my car in Sydney if you want them. PM me.
  5. Hi mate, this come off an RB that had an failed oil pump?
  6. rb30gtr

    ah man that's shmick! And tons of mods for the price. This will last about .2 seconds on the market I'm sure!
  7. I'm not gay! How dare you. My boyfriend tho, what a poof!
  8. haha front exit. Yep good call Fatz, love it. 4inch all the way? And your exhaust also?
  9. Good result. If you are replacing pipes under the intake manifold, do them all in one go. Kudos Motorsport sell a kit. I even ordered OEM hard lines and replaced them while at it and the parts that plug into the block. And to add, knowing corrosion has started on that side in the coolant pipes, the turbo side will only be a few months away from doing the same so if you are going motor out I'd go to braided lines on that side too. Also where do I find one of these bullet proof head gaskets?.. haha.
  10. Stance it up then! I go elsewhere when I'm feeling guilty...
  11. My current GTR does not even have spare wheel well rust
  12. I was pleased to search the vin of mine and find it was a 'Cold Weather' optioned GTR (Heated Mirrors). I mean only the non snow areas of Japan would use that option right....right?.... I looked at a couple of R33 GTR's that had front struts ready to pop out of the towers at any time. And I knew of one R32 GTRR that got lighter and lighter as the subframe slowly died and dropped off in delicate little pieces, that and if you pushed the clutch too hard for some double step dose launch hero boost action you'd probably push through the floor.