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  1. RB30 and RB26 main journals are the same - big ends are different
  2. Yes If its going in a R32 ( that had RB20 ) - you could use a RB20 Ross balancer, that way all belts will line up with existing accessories - same same if it was RB25
  3. RB25DET NEO OEM Intake valves - new or used. email: [email protected] or call Brad - 0402351688 Cheers
  4. Wholly crap - look what happens when you leave the computer for 24 hrs. Im sorry I have pissed you off Rob as I totally respect what you guys do and have done - and I dont even know you or have never even spoken to you. Firstly some facts for all readers: This kit is made here in Brisbane Australia - not China, so it will not be as competively priced as my stroker cranks and rods, which is what I was referring too originally. I never designed, manufactured or did the R&D on this kit. A couple smart guys I know with a lot of expensive machinary made one of these kits for their own race car. In the process of dealing with them ( as they buy my rods and pistons ) we decided that they would manufacture them and I would market them. If it wasnt me who took up this offer then it would have been someone else. I originally decided to use one of these kits for my trial engine as the counterweights on my 95 mm trial crank foul on the OEM girdle when it is torqued down ( ie the diam of the crank was made a couple mm too big ) So the billet caps and girdle solved that problem for me. They did not buy a RIPS kit and copy it, they engineered it themselves. This idea has been around for along time - in various designs. Regardless of who was the first to manufacture and market it. The kit is slightly different ( ie if you were to overlay them they would not be exact ) as it was not copied identically from a RIPS kit, but there is only one way to make this kit - 7 caps and one girdle. Its healthy competion Rob - as mentioned in this thread there are others out there already making similar or the same. There will be numerous similar kits available before the end of this year Id guess. Same for RB30 stroker kits. If it was a patented registered design ( which it is not and can not be ) I would never even have considered it.
  5. Yes it basically comes down to manufacturing costs.
  6. Argos are made in Aus Eagle, Scat, Brian Crower, some of the Jap brands are made in China - Paul and I have had this discussion before :-) Not many pistons are made in China - yet
  7. Cranks are made of billet 4340 - manufactured and finished in China. Same as the conrods I sell I have the steel analysed on a mass spec here in Aus in a NATA certified lab. It always meets the 4340 std. Sizing is checked here in Aus also. The majority of conrods and cranks in the world today are made in China. Yes the billet caps will be available also as a kit - they are made here in Aus.
  8. Paul - I wasnt just directing my comments to you, but in general. The crank in the pics is one of the trial 95mm stroke cranks I have - its actually quite easy to install just not a direct plug and play. The tunneling boring issue was done by someone I dont usually use - as your aware not alot of places offer that service so I had to go to someone else. The guys I use for all my other machining are slow but extremely pedantic and it would take alot for me to change. Where are you situated ? as I am in Qld ? As soon as I have this trial engine assembled and running etc, and Im happy with the install and worked out all the bugs, both cranks will be produced available in full counter weight. At present Im still confident the 95mm, 8 counterweight cranks I have will work fine for what they were designed for.
  9. Hi guys, I don’t get on here much anymore. Someone informed me I should make an appearance on this thread. These forums are a brilliant source of information, a wealth of knowledge and a great place to express your interest in all things automotive , but they also harbour a lot of misinformation, accusations and innuendos. So if you have any queries about this topic just email me direct, its easier. Now there has been a big delay with the first trial engine due to incorporating a trial billet main cap design at the same time. Will post pics later today. These caps require tunnelling boring and the machine shop that did it for me the 1st time made the tunnel a couple thou too big, so it had too go back and be modified. This all has taken a lot longer than expected. Anyway I have only just received the block back last week so assembly will start soon with the prototype crank etc. In the process of designing this setup I have decided to make 2 kits available – one will be 95mm and the other will be 93 mm. As the 95 mm stroker does require some block clearancing and isn’t a straight drop in kit . The 93mm crank is going to be full counter weight and will be an easier install. Both cranks will be available by them selves or in a complete kit with rods and pistons to suit. These things take time and I am more anxious than you guys to get this finalised as there are numerous other cranks I have in mind to stroke. I know my pricing will be extremely competitive so hang in there if your interested. Brad [email protected]
  10. Hey greg - give someone else a chance to reply first :-)
  11. Trial engine is being machined at present - having a few issues as the block is running individual main caps with an interlocking girdle plate ( interlocks caps with block ). Anyway hoping to have the block back in a week or so - then can fit head and install. I wont sell any kits until Ive personally trialled this set up - so stop asking :-)
  12. CP dont make shelf stock in 1mm oversize - but for additional $ you can order them.
  13. price will be around $5900 - depends on the US dollar when I order the pistons. ( Crank, rods, ARP 2000 rod bolts, CP pistons ( rings pins and locks ) - ACL race series bearings ) But wont be more unless we have another GFC
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