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  1. Chris Rogers

    the issue you have is age. the parts that I used to build that one in 2011 are long since extinct. as for getting that one going. easier to shell out for a MFD and integrate that in to the dash. I am actually out of the game now and doing something entirely different. the shop in MLB is no longer around.
  2. Hi Chris,

    I bought a 2002 V35 250GT about a week ago and have been doing research on everything about them since, including scrolling through these forums. I was wondering if you still deal with V35s, and if so, what is involved in translating the Japanese nav system? I am situated in Adelaide, South Australia. Any help is much appreciated.



  3. Do you still do alarm installs in Brisbane? If so can you please shoot me your details. 

  4. Hi Chris! I just purchased a 2005 Stagea M35 Series 2. Just wondering if you have any double din Fascia kits available for it? I'm also interested in any AUX/Video leads etc that you have for the existing screen and any adaptors I need for the aftermarket stereo install. Cheers!


  5. Hi Chris, just wondering how much it would cost me, or how to go about sourcing the storage pocket to replace the navi screen in the 2003 v35. 

  6. Chris Rogers

    For the record I actually reside in the USA now. I maintain an oz presence still though.
  7. Chris Rogers

    Ok if it's that EXACT color: go go to the dealer and order this : 68260-AL502 27500-AL501. then pick a radio of your choice. the AC buttons I have suggested are black as the sand colored ones are a NLA item now. if you have a BLACK panel the the first part changes to 68260-AL700.
  8. Chris Rogers

    I can still do them if you are in oz. I do not take messages as I get too many can you convert my language questions ( something I have not done since 2009!!) so I have that set to off. if you want the bits then I can help.
  9. Chris Rogers

    Look up EDI customs and speak to John Legett. He does regular back loading the LA or East coast on a weekly basis. I will tell you first hand that this will not be a $500 exercise. So be prepared for that.
  10. Hi Chris!

    I've been sifting through loads of forums trying to find some kind of links or direction on how to use the bluetooth in a V35 Skyline 350, 2006. The option seems to be there, but because it's all in Japanese and I cant find any translation, I cant seem to figure it out.

    Is there any links that you, or anyone, may know of that I could see to help get the bluetooth running?

    Also, the steering wheel seems to be third party, so there are no buttons there either.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I've been searching everywhere!


  11. Chris Rogers

    this looks like the add on boxes out of china. so its not a fully integrated solution by the look of it. the later cars need a main controller and buttons from a Q60. job done.
  12. Chris Rogers

    basic GPS based unit will cover that OR cruise control.
  13. Chris Rogers

    car will run fine. it the later 36 series chassis that has fits, 35 series doesn't care. rip the lot , start fresh. done PLENTY of them this way.
  14. Chris Rogers send one there. I do this as a full kit. as for messages - I have it turned off. got tired of all the can you fix my sat nav questions which I no longer do.
  15. given the age of it, easier to strip it and swap teh radio over to something more modern. Andrew is correct. I do fly to jobs but at a price.