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  1. Hey Chris just seeing if you know much about the aircon being stuck on one mode in the Nissan 350gt's and if is possible, how to fix this?


  2. I pulled the center out of a fair few of those. I got to a point that I found the OE number for that bit and the correct controls (of which there are 3 types.) no longer have the part numbers handy.
  3. always liked this car. must do a log on here for mine at some point once I finish the dash on it and fix the hosting. (7 yrs on..)
  4. https://gromaudio.com/store/vline/index.html#infiniti
  5. look into the chipset I gave you. if you can fidn somethihng that spits out HDMI or similar then you can get evaluation kits for these chips. that wil give you the full resolution you are looking for. the other option is with Grom Audio and their Vlink system. in your case you would look at 2011 on for the digital screen
  6. proper video on those is GVIF (sony CXB1458 from memory) but yes , if you have a way to get 5 points of reference it will work fine.
  7. exactly and I do not do this for a living any more.
  8. tony has it btw. ( I no longer do this for a living.) all the CHEAP $5 ideas won't work on the JDM version. been saying for years to no avail. get custom OR get teh controller out of a USDM version IDENTICAL in features to yours. from there its a software reload ex NZ and you are set. naturally this works on the later 2011 versions and NOT the earlier ones as they are a different unit.
  9. touch panel is 4 wire resistive. split the screen and grab the header. its spat out of the coms lines in serial format if you want to play there.
  10. you do need other parts. call the number I gave you and tell them you want them to install a cruise control for this car. tell them you have OE controls and need them installed as well. this IS NOT a DIY job.
  11. locally - Autostrada - 07-3852-6886 as for doing the OE controls - depends if someone in brisbane stocks them. I no longer live in Oz and no longer work on these unfortunately. NOW if you want to import a full steering wheel with the controls on it then it can certainly be done by the people I listed above.
  12. the issue you have is age. the parts that I used to build that one in 2011 are long since extinct. as for getting that one going. easier to shell out for a MFD and integrate that in to the dash. I am actually out of the game now and doing something entirely different. the shop in MLB is no longer around.
  13. Hi Chris,

    I bought a 2002 V35 250GT about a week ago and have been doing research on everything about them since, including scrolling through these forums. I was wondering if you still deal with V35s, and if so, what is involved in translating the Japanese nav system? I am situated in Adelaide, South Australia. Any help is much appreciated.



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