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  1. John, I have actually retired from retail 12v. contact autostrada in brisbane 07-38526886 and tell them what you need.
  2. if you buy the canadian unit, yes all the data carries over as all that data is ECM/BCM related.
  3. its a design fault within the unit. takes out the main panel. the TV/ navi is a different system . so you have two problems. the first of no AC is easier to sort by replacing that assembly and putting a new radio in. the non functional screen is a problem with the navi unit above tyhe glove box
  4. that changes things. if you are TX - then yes I will do it. far better to do a 457 though. I can set that up so only a tow truck will move that car. actually you could do a 674 as well.
  5. AH. I remember when that was launched. I threw the image of mine up and the kid knew exactly who I was when I did it. I'm doing another currently from scratch this time. 5" wide screen.
  6. I no longer do car security . may focus of work now is with Verizon Telematics in the USA where I now live. 573 is a dongle and hasn't been available in australia for a number of years. last one I sold was in 2014.
  7. dash. I like that. what hardware is that running on?
  8. call autostrada. 0738526886 . they were who I used orignally to manufacture the unit I sold for years. I live in the USA now and out of the import game. work in the telematics industry.
  9. ^^ correct. where I live (I am in Texas) there are only a few people that know where my R31 and F31 are kept. Only two people that know how the start the R31. myself and the mechanic that I use to work on it. (I stay too busy now to maintain the thing.) both cars have full time remote monitored GPS by a monitoring company.
  10. if its locked up, autowatch did a decent unit - 457 RLI and the GPS unit to go with it. whoever does it needs to BURY both units. if the have the lower dash off only then it means the average joy rider will have it disabled in 30 sec. when I did these (search the forum for my name) it was a 2 day affair usually and I charged accordingly. dash completely out , unit buried and fully integrated into the harness and OE relays used for the disable points. even those were hidden well. I retired (not by choice) in early 2017 and do GPS telematics in the USA now for Verizon/Vodafone.
  11. ^^ that if wire a second set of relays off the AC relay so that when the AC is on these come on.
  12. if it doesn't work, not much use. all the controls are in the 'CD' player. if thats gone then its a paperweight.
  13. talk to jason romagura about it. his fits neatly with some relocation of certain things.
  14. Im doing it with a return flow cooler and R33 AC stuff. get a 33 next to yours and measure. its DAMN close. so mine will be all 33 gear with custom lines to the car. only way I can see to do it. I need AC here in TX. my cooling fans are also 2 speed electric ex A32 Maxima.
  15. I will be watching to see how you do the cooler and keep the front area with AC intact. I'm swapping to a R33 condenser myself. that locates the majority of the stuff in the way on the factory item OUT of the way when the R33 is used. seems it was a popular mod with the GTS-R guys two dump the twin coils they used from factory.
  16. or look at the intersil (techwell) gear. seen a lot of that used to dump video of all sorts into these screens too. not too familiar with the TI gear.
  17. thanks. think I will try to find one off a LS based truck here. they wound a few of those to 230A.
  18. AKEBONO can be tossed on these quite easily. concept Z makes a bracket to do it. as a point of interest these can be thrown on earlier cars with some creativity (I'm in the process of doing it to mine.)
  19. since you are QLD there is a place on evans rd in salisbury that does exactly this.
  20. done it. take the unit you are going to swap to a speedo repair place and get it calibrated to yours. from there its a DIRECT swap out. takes about an hour to change.
  21. screen on that is GVIF if you want to fiddle with digital only formats. sony CXB1458 is the driver for it. (I'm still playing with interfacing just not this anymore.)
  22. what alternator is on that? the bracket I recognize. Aaron of Boost Doc sells that.
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