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  1. Can you give a rundown of how you made it? Pretty keen to learn how to do it. Might do a write up one day. Basically, i gutted out the cluster and put in an arduino mega2560, this handles frequency counting for RPM and speed, analogue digital conversions for boost, fuel, water, oil pressure etc. I did a lot of data logging to work out the conversion from voltages into temps,pressures. The arduino sends the data to a raspberry pi 3 which has a script i wrote using python which basically collects the serial data from the arduino and moves needles, displays numbers. Took about 6 months because i didn't know anything about python or raspberry pis before this.
  2. It's based on a lexus LFA. Made from scratch using raspberry pi and 7" 720p lcd screen. Uses the stock sensors + a few more i've added like techedge AFR and IAT. Thanks Birds, there was a lot of steering with throttle haha. Might make a dash kit or something one day but it's a lot of work.
  3. First time doing a motorkhana with SAU. Nice people, was fun My highlights video: https://youtu.be/q4N7Wmx_tcg
  4. Just got some new wheels for my car. TE37SL 18x8.5 +30 235 tyres 18x9.5 +40 265 tyres Fronts are scrubbing if i corner hard and it's bumpy. Don't really wanna remove my guard liners. Might try roll guards.
  5. It's definitely laggier than the R33 21u turbo on my R33 rb25det. On a R34 neo engine with higher CR and different head should be closer to stock i think.
  6. It's been a while. I got turbo 2nd hand off sau in 2012 not sure when the highflow was done. I've only put 1000kms on the turbo. Turbo looks to be low kms because the exhaust wheel doesn't have much carbon build up.
  7. R33 intake pipe $20 OP6 highflow turbo. good condition $700. You will need to get braided oil lines to run the turbo otherwise it'll blow. Stao from hypergear can help you with the lines. Located in SE melbourne. Mulgrave area.
  8. R34 SMIC common upgrade for R33 - $100 3" stainless varex muffler with custom made mild steel 3" pipe to mate with trust pe2 midsection $100. 3" mild steel Pacemaker front pipe - $30 no gaskets, bolts or electronics parts sold as is. Pick up from mulgrave, vic contact via PM
  9. I suspect class A-C was more consistent. I was in class D where there was a big variation in laptimes anywhere from 1:48 to 2:00. Lead to overtaking almost every lap. Wasn't too bad once i queued up towards the front of the dummy grid.
  10. Was a good day even though i didn't know anyone. Was a bit hard to get a clean lap with so many cars. Managed to do a sub 1:50 time with cheap street tyres. Happy to get my car home in one piece and working.
  11. what time should we get to winton? 6am at wallan equates to roughly 8am at winton? i'll try meet you guys at wallan.
  12. Is anyone day tripping from SE suburbs? I don't know anyone but i've signed up for this anyway haha.
  13. Please contact me by PM. I'm located in SE melbourne (Mulgrave) and would prefer pickup. Low mount exhaust manifold. Never used. I trial fitted this to my car and can confirm the flanges are flat, the pipes clear the engine/rocker cover (2 major pitfalls of cheap manifolds). Bought off ebay from "the one group (TOG)". 2.8mm wall thickness according to the listing (i'm not willing to cut it open to measure) $180 Comes with gaskets for both flanges. Comes with bolts for the T3 flange. Nistune Z32 ECU re-wired to suit R33 S2. - $450
  14. I believe so. You'll have to confirm with Stao though.
  15. I got a 2IU highflow with CNC compressor wheel. Its response is pretty close to stock (You'll never beat stock response). Boost spike in my graphs is from using stock actuator and trying to reach 14psi. Even with blocked boost signal stock actuator only holes 12.6psi. Got a very linear 224rwkw.
  16. Looks like an r32 turbo. R33/R34 have a different compressor housing.
  17. I had this exact same problem. It was the yellow jackets. Hard to diagnose coz it only happens in a 2 minute window and then gets dissapears. I installed nissan data scan and did an active test switched off cylinders until i found the one which wasn't firing. Swapped out that coil pack with a stock one, problem gone.
  18. Did this myself too. I used easy out style screw extractors. I initially used freeze spray to help free the stud but that seemed to lock them tighter. I used a heatgun and that helped a little bit. (the thermal expansion of aluminium is greater than steel)
  19. Fairly straight forward, Silicon chip have published an article and designs to do this: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_108910/article.html Basically takes the audio from the microphone/pzt sensors feeds it to preamplifier -> bandpass filter -> rectifier + low pass filter. If you didn't understand that it's essentially a sound level meter which is only sensitive to knock frequencies. I copied their schematics and tuned the filter to the rb25. So far i've only bench tested it with an occiloscope, will be installing it in my car soon and hooking it up to the inputs of my techedge wideband.
  20. hey have you still got the varex muffler? i can't send PM to you.
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