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  1. So, a good friend of mine asked me if i could weld in tubs he was going to buy from some dude that makes them interstate, He said "I like them because of the cool pattern"> This ofcorse translated in my head as "bet you cant hand make cool tubs" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED... He had no idea what he wanted so, but knew if he would like them when he saw it. So it design was left up to me. ^^^ First stages of design^^^ ^^^ Trying out the hand "swagger" lol ^^Nek minnit, decided on this pattern, Decided to make the side wall patterned also! ^^^ if you look closely, I decided to wall off the tubs to the inner part of the side rail thingo ^^^ All painted, Thanks to the talented folks at JAK MOTOR WORKS... Gave some curvature to the side wall bits to accentuate the tubs. ^^^ Close up ^^^ Engine sitting in! Final product I spose, Just need to make cooler piping when I'm ready. THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  2. Hey peeps Up for sale is a full set of BLITZ 03 rims. 17x9 all round, unsure of offsets to be honest but pics do the talking on what they sit like 0431242703 please call! Located in Campbellfield, inspection anytime The tiniest bit of rash on only one, the rest are beaut! All pics of the rims on cars, are without spacers!
  3. Id rather not put up what I think they are worth and sound like an idiot, We all know from past forum posts that numberplate sales are a touchy subject and the person whos selling them obviously thinks they are worth the value of a small island. So to comply with forum rules. Offers over $500 will be considered. Offers alot higher than that will be heavily considered! [RCBRED] Plates up for sale, PERFECT for ANY GTR! Has NOT been registered to a car in victoria so whoever buys it will be the first person to have these on their car!!! These plates do not suit come slapped together silvia. Any GTR owner will understand what these plates mean and will be able to gauge what a good price is, That being said SERIOUS offers only please... ^^^ Photo of the plates dummy fitted at the Grand Prix Autosalon about 5 years ago when I had my GTR... (on a side note, this GTR is for sale from the original owner who I bought this from in sydney. I HIGHLY suggest not buying that car. If you would like to know why, Pm me!) Thanks!
  4. HOLY CREP... what happened to this car? this is the car that I bought of you in sydney? and then I sold it when I was down here, and you bought it back again of whoever owned it after me??? WOW... I was young and dumb back then. Live and learn!
  5. HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST Thanks for the pics!!!
  6. Apparently photo was taken in CHIBA! Would like to see it from another angle or something thats all!
  7. Ok so, This similar thing happened to me 1st time I didnt drive my car for about 4 days. JUST sat there. went to start it. no dice... I just jumped to the conclusion stock battery was f**ked and got a new one.. started fine... Then recently, I didnt drive it for about 4 days again... Didnt start. took a lil portable jumpstarter with me for 1 day and had to jump it everytime... I thought it was weird because i got a multimeter on it and it was showing 12.9 volts. Decided to loosen the terminals... remove them off... Push the brake to take out any excess charge in the car... and reconnect.. STARTED FINE!!! must be like some gay as hell immobiliser? or something? If you still have your old battery it would be good to see if you tried it, if it would work since its bee removed!
  8. Ive got the nav disc. but for japan Was in my glovebox...
  9. I just took of my front bar when i had to change the parkers on my headlights!
  10. Thanks guys! LOL @ the sparks comment! The wheel arches have been rolled so no scrubbing there! lol...although I must admit, totally demolished the tyres before I rolled them!
  11. Nice meeting everyone, Sorry to have ditched after we got to the final bbq area, We didnt bring any meat or anything, was working on the sil til 2am the previous night. So we decided to go back in to town to get some food and planned to come back, But my mates were bitching so we went home! Anyone else full on scraping like f**k on the last set of twisties before the end point? Scotty - We were spewing we didnt get to see you gun it in your car, we were at the back of the pack and because I had no idea where we were going didnt want to get in to a different lane to catch up! shattered, Id expect world war 3 to happen when you put your foot down eh?!!! My favorite cars of the day was the silver m35, with the big grill and arx over fenders. The whole care from top to bottom is just did right! And the 260rs with the exhausts coming through the rear bar! Such styling on that thing!.. Did you buy it like that?
  12. OK ill be at bell street maccas (corner of bell and st georges road*) at 9 Hopefully INFILTRATOR is there!!!
  13. How many westies are there attending? Need to make meet spot!
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