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  1. I prefer the R35 HPX MAF in a blow through configuration, however pre turbo is fine too. Yes air straighteners help heaps however cars with brappy cams and large pre turbo intake pipes generally have slow air flow (and also not linear flow) pass the sensor on idle. This however can be suppressed some what if the pipe work before the sensor is long enough with a mesh.
  2. Man, we should just buy clean S15s and just store them and as many Barras as possible.
  3. Incorrect, will be a C U N T to tune, especially with getting the idle right with cars with big cams. Have had a few I barely can get to Idle nicely.
  4. You win, can't do donuts in the Nazi troop carrier lol. Umm it's not in the backyard or my mate's shop any more haha... the siet bok is just getting a bunch of fab work done (that costs more than the car itself, I'm such a bad Asian, fk all ROI)
  5. Extra 2kW up top and -2kW mid range! Time for me to flash the missus' Tiguan to get it from 162kW to 223kW lol.
  6. Haha nah that's wood stain that the Mrs spilt everywhere. Rage 11/10, had to regyprock half the bottom wall around the sides!!!!
  7. Use the 25 map and pull out timing on the cruise/vac area to start. Or download haltech ecu manager and open up a RB20DET map and transpose the data into Wolf. Also all RBs have the same firing order.
  8. Make sure it has these codes and you'll be fine 23710-04Uxx or 23710-11Uxx Also If you need Nistune supplied and fitted to the ECU I can help.
  9. Toilet in, sealed up and ready to be shit in Also Supercheap flash sale, so I went to town. All of that under $80 🥰
  10. Won't fit, need to space it out with washers, massive waste of time.
  11. Needed to do laundry before our trip to Tassy, at least the laundry is functional haha If your wondering why some parts aren't painted it's because the cabinets are going over it. The parts in prep/prime are for the splash back tiles.
  12. Rears won't Fronts will, just need to enlarge the holes to 14mm.
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