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  1. Saturday spent making lines, not the type everyone generally likes on a Friday night lol. Oil drain (didn't take good photos of it), oil feed and oil filter done! Just need to mount the oil filter and then nip up all the lines.
  2. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Mashallah! Congrats on the kid Problem with CD009 conversions, they end up costing 10k. With that kind of money you could nearly slot in a helical cut box.
  3. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    But does your car even work? Lol
  4. I think moreso the consensus is to use known names, not dim sum yumcha eBay special fittings. I've used Raceworks fittings and even their surge tank (that 180SX with the GTX3071 I tuned) on a car I've built, as well as Aeroflow on many other shit box Silvias and they've been great. I did have mainly Aeroflow fittings on this shit box in the past however decided to go all Speedflow (just because), spent heaps on everything else so might as well top it off with expensive fittings. Moral of the story, if you want a reliable fast car, buy a modern fast reliable fast car instead of buying a shit box and building it to be fast.
  5. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Yeah because you probably over injected fuel during crank as the temp sensor was unplugged.
  6. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Or buy a Golf GTI, install an intake, a dump/downpipe, and flash it. Will go faster than a 200kW GTS-t boat and has all the luxury, features and safety.
  7. Just makes it a bit neater and nothing will touch, rub on the manifold. Less things to catch on fire I suppose lol. I'll take photos, Don't worry
  8. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    I won't go into detail about those coloured coil packs, but just do a few searches.
  9. I wish I listened to my wife at times when she told me to sell up the shit box and all the crap around the house and treat myself to a E90 335i BMW, but I said nah I'll finish off this project. LOL
  10. Called in "sick" then went to MSCN to get fittings, hard lines for the turbo setup. Left wondering why I didn't go to work instead lol.
  11. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Cheapest solution for power is a wet nitrous setup.
  12. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Put OEM coil packs in or Splitfires and see if it goes away.
  13. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    new turbo setup is pretty quiet, run in tune on gate pressure?
  14. Popped on some studs and trying to determine how to clock the turbo to make sure the oil feed and oil drain clears the manifold. Looks like I might have to go hard lines, oh wells lol.
  15. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Then you install a JDM ECU, swap the 2x CAS pins and 1x fuel trigger and off you go - or BYO Haltech/Link/MoTec/ etc. Poor effort on the NATS lol.