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  1. On 26/11/2021 at 12:01 AM, niZmO_Man said:

    If X3 is near new and under warranty, should be pretty good. Otherwise get something better, like Santa Fe :D

    Mrs Dose Pipe said no Korean cars, as much as they are better built than VW shit boxes they still don't have that level of sound deadening and comfort. Like getting jumping from a Rav 4 to a Tiguan, sure they're the same price but man the Tiguan much more comfy.

  2. On 24/11/2021 at 10:34 PM, Shoota_77 said:

    Get a Tiguan Allspace. It’s probably same length as X3 and as an added bonus it’s not a shitbox BMW….  We’ve got the Allspace and they feel quite a bit bigger in back seat and boot.  We don’t need it for the 7 seats, just those two areas being bigger.  New model out in Mid 2022.  The new R-Line look amazing!  #notbiased…..

    Yeah I did think of that however the new facelift model they removed the boot proximity auto close, removed the rear tray tables, removed physicals buttons on the steering wheel and not to mention have done nothing in terms of power and the DSG box.

    I really hate running a DSG box in a SUV, it's just not very nice to drive at times, even after I've coded out the pedal delay and have had the car flashed with an APR tune. Sure it runs 12.9s 1/4s 😂 but simple things like a hill start or reversing up a slope is horse shit. They need to just put in a ZF box and turn the motor around like a Q5.

  3. Unfinished state because some shop I ordered fittings sent my fabricator the wrong things.

    Small delay but what's a day or two in comparison to a 11 months of a non functional car 😂

    Side box thingy is the new washer bottle.

    At some stage will have a filter element shoved in there (yes I'm going to the dark side, no more plumbed back catch, although it shouldn't be too hard in future, just will look aids with a hose across the motor).




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  4. Fan mounting solution, no more straps through core shit. And the OEM condenser/overheat fan is too thick and doesn't flow much air so was removed yonks ago.

    Mock up fan used, a Davies Craig 12" in the way.




    Catch can time, needed the cnuto to be big. What PL Fab came up with was about 5.2L, it will be drained back to the sump with a ball valve too. Street duties no drain, track work will drain. New washer bottle will also be tucked on the side where the OEM coolant bottle was.




    Fuark I feel poor looking at this.

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