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  1. hey guys i have a r33 gtr gearbox forsale, as it is the transfer case on the end is appart where the previous owner was going to mod it for rwd, like i was until i found the clutch pivot is different to what i want. all the bits are here. in good condition-$500 i also have a full set of r32 gtst bielstiens with whiteline springs that i got off the group buy off this forum. good condition, no leaks-$900 pm or reply if interested in launceston
  2. hey guys, im over busting rb20 gearbox's and have a rb26 box ive found forsale off a mate for a good price. im wondering if it will bolt up to my rb20. i realise ill probs have to change the tail shaft and do something with the the x-member. but will the box acctualy fit in the transmition tunel and bolt on to the engine? im thinking of taking the 4wd stuff out and getting a sleeve made up to put in its place, i havn't acctualy seen the box so im not sure how it all works, but i sould be able to figuse something out has anyone done it? i did a quick search but didnt come up with anything good. any help would be great cheers
  3. ok, ive got a full set of shocks and springs by sydney kid, they are in good condition, they were in the car for about 12 months but the car sat in the garage for 6 of those. they are to suit r32 gtst skyline. they are in launceston, tasmania. i will post at buyers expense. call me on 0408977865, Nathan asking $900 plus postage
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