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  1. Hi All, In a recent fast fours tech tips mag there was an article that covered modification for the standard R33 roller bearing turbo. The article outlined a modification that changed the ceramic wheel for a modified T3 wheel. Does anyone know who does this kind of work, and perhaps have any idea of what it costs? Cheers, Ian.
  2. Hi All, I'm selling a Schwitzer S2A turbo and Garret 32mm external wastegate. The turbo is brand new and is suitable for 1800-2.2lt engines. It features steel compressor and turbine wheels. It is capable of safely producing around 18-20lb of boost on a 2 lt engine. I have the compressor maps and can email them out if anyone is seriously interested. The compressor input exhaust flange is a T3 type. THe turbo has no internal wastegate. I also have a 32mm garret external wastegate with a 12lb spring. This part is second hand but still in good condition. I am told that you can still get parts and diferent springs for this style wastegate. I'm asking for at least $600.00 for the turbo (it owes me a lot more), and $300 for the wastegate. If your interested contact me on 0408 876 205 or by email at iswinkels@futurecairns.com.au. Pictures are as follows.
  3. Should I go for a RB25 turbo, how much larger are the outside dimenstions of the turbo compared with the RB20. I have some space limitations, and can't fit anything physically larger than a RB20, and must use a T3 flange. Help???? Cheers, Ian.
  4. Hi All, Last friday night while going for a cruise I unfortunantly experienced my first turbine failure. The turbo is an RB20 turbo from an R31. After removing the turbo from the engine and disassembling it, I discovered the exhaust turbine wheel wasn't there anymore. It was completely gone! At the time it happened I was driving pretty hard, but I certinally didn't expect this to happen... I am thinking of replacing the turbo with the ball bearing turbo from an R32 RB20 engine, but I am seriously considering upgrading to something better like a hks or something. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which way I can go with this? Cheers, Ian Swinkels.
  5. What is the best exhaust size I should be running with an RB20 turbo engine? I am told that 2.5" is good, but is there any benefit for going larger if the turbo is only a stock one from an R32? Cheers, Ian.
  6. Does anyone know the A/R specifications of the turbo that comes off the RB20 NICS and RB20 ECCS engine? Cheers, Ian
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