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  1. dezz

    f**k 88E
  2. dezz

    I wonder if my ex Mrs still has hers
  3. dezz

    I could use some green... Lots of red lately
  4. dezz

    Used to put any old 98 fuel from the bike track days into the excel... Never missed a beat
  5. dezz

    Everyone always talking about skylines/silvias being ultra reliable, meanwhile pretty much every part on them has been replaced with aftermarket upgrades.
  6. dezz

    Am I missing something re: tuna on rye no crust?
  7. dezz

    Nothing you'd be proud of Monica
  8. dezz

    Purchased a car
  9. dezz

    Strangely enough I've always preferred the 4 door 63 over the coupe, even on the previous model.. The current model coupe has grown on me which makes it a tougher call..
  10. dezz

    2015 model, previous model still looks ok on the outside but pretty dated on the inside.. Warnie's is nicely specced, black, could do without the red exterior accents but they don't look bad..diamond stitching package.. 4 door.. I'm torn there.. The 4 doors do have a very nice stance in person.. And obviously more practical, but coupes are more 'sporty'
  11. dezz

    Shane Warne's 63 is available for purchase.. Not sure if that makes it worth more or less [emoji848]
  12. dezz

    Not going all out on a daily, wanna get a C63 amg
  13. dezz

    Hard to give a shit when every late model car is ugly as sin, until you start getting into $100k+ territory
  14. dezz

    Excel still running fine