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  1. HRE $2K USD per rim Yeah nah
  2. Last ones are practically identical to the ones I posted.. And yeah not looking to destroy ride quality so don't really need to go to 20s..improved offset / fitment should make a big improvement over the stockers
  3. Stock wheels are gloss black and I can see them just fine.. Could go matte but the gloss black seems to work pretty well currently. 20s max, 19 wouldn't look terrible either.. Want something that isn't a bitch to clean inside the barrel like the stockers.. Never really been a fan of lace/mesh style rims always been more of a 5/6 spoker, but feel free to post photos of whatever
  4. I mean I haven't seen any pictures of wheels on ve/vfs that I'd spend money on.. A mate suggested Madina track rims, 3 pieced and forged, haven't really been able to find pics of them on a vf Ute let alone a black one, but they didn't look amazing on another car I saw a photo of. X5 wheels look good on the car you posted, but not sure if it's lower than my car which always makes it look tougher, and whether or not it needed guard work to fit.. Would be going gloss black whatever rim I went.. Even the Madina, would have to order custom to get gloss black centres and lip
  5. Still struggling to find good looking wheels for a VF... Might need a new car.
  6. Friend of mine saw that douche on the 675.. The old viet guys were telling him to stop doing burnouts etc... He told them to f**k off back to Vietnam if they don't like it.. How's that going for ya champ?
  7. Still yet to plug in my nbn modem
  8. My work was on show in that 60 minute piece.
  9. 88e oversubscribed, am I losing more money today or making back a fraction of my losses?
  10. Monica youngest name partner in the game
  11. So if no one exercises their options at 2c, fair to say they ain't finding shit down the hole.. Being offered at .007 doesn't seem too promising
  12. How does one acquire said options?
  13. Good thing I just got another pay rise, without the need for any industrial action. In time to get paid at the higher rate for the public holiday too [emoji108]🏽
  14. I thought you'd love triple J, what with drinking coffee out of jars and all