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  1. dezz

    Y'all just lucky I didn't buy..
  2. dezz

    One day I might be able to market my own book as a successful investor. Or not be able to afford a newspaper Either or
  3. dezz

    Yeah well that was last week. That bargain purchase is now plummeting in value.
  4. dezz

    Well it was good feeling rich for a short amount of time..
  5. dezz

    I work 6 days a week usually... They want me to work Sunday this week, but they can blow me
  6. dezz

    Give everything to my mum, she'll distribute fairly
  7. dezz

    Conveyancers gave me a will kit when I bought my house.. Don't know where it is now..
  8. dezz

    Egg noodle, rice noodle, pork, bean shoot, wonton, bok choy, prawn Velly goot
  9. dezz

    Bland soup is bland. Wonton noodle soup from little Mekong over pho everyday of the week.
  10. dezz

    Ramen must be truly woeful
  11. dezz

    There's a Daniel's 'donuteria' in hoppers crossing, think it was there before the Springvale one.. Seems to be open 24/7 too..never been but always wondered if it was the same owners
  12. dezz

    People actually stand in lines for extended periods of time to buy donuts. No wonder we're a nation of obese f**ks
  13. dezz

    Horrible laptop is still going strong, the issue was an old modem not being compatible with the newer wireless card technology. Upgraded home network, problem solved. I rarely agree with anything Hamish says, but hat is spot on. KK are rubbish. fresh donut king cinnamons any day.
  14. dezz

    I should probably sell my gopro
  15. dezz These 2 and the full sick subwoofer one seem alright.. private seller would be more likely to drop on price compared to a dealer...