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  1. RBZED

    Front Bar

    cheers.. i think i'll check out riverside for the URAS - thinking of putting front mount intercooler on *grin* so need a front bar for it....
  2. RBZED

    Front Bar

    Gday guys, just wondering where I could find details on getting a new front bar for an '89 ceffy? I've checked out WWW.KANSAIAUTOMOTIVE.COM and MFX.. any other suggestions? i'm located in syd, nsw
  3. checked this car out today kursed has been totally legit about the damage - has paperwork and everything once you see the car with the chromies, you wont go back! B) she's only auto but goes like a dream with the lil boost.. its also got an LSD that he didn't list but thats standard for most ceffies isn't it? or am i just wrong =/ the cleanest ceffie for the price! *bump*
  4. mmmm not enough - sorry mate dont have the cash good luck with the sale tho
  5. if you remove the audio components, how much u willing to sell it for? i've got my own audio left over from my last ride
  6. how much can you lower the price, if you remove all audio components?
  7. still for sale? if so, interior shots to diamondtrim.dorifto@gmail.com cheers mate
  8. wherebouts you located mate? "Car is in VGC but needs a lil fix up!" - heh define 'a lil'?? =) how many km's ? pretty interested if you're close to syd, or willing to go interstate.. interior shots to diamondtrim.dorifto@gmail.com thanks mate
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