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  1. is this the blue wrx 04-05 ish ??
  2. anymore pics of the 2 cars before they were damaged and after ?? sorry dude we all gotta die sometimes just your time is up... RIP. i dont know ricardo might of seen minh before, whats his facebook account ?? i wanna just leave a message for the family..
  3. added u on msn looking for helmet atm
  4. Make:Ford Model: forteII Milage:150 000 Colour: silver Location:adelaide south australia RWC supplied? na Currently registered? 3months Price:7990 Contact:email/phone Comments / Modifications: http://www.carsales.com.au/used-cars/priva...x=mode+matchany
  5. lol at people digging up old thread to find a nice car yeh snap it up quick go inspect it if u like something.... dont sit and wait
  6. hi mate can u pm me ur adress i'll come and look... could be interested in a bike.. would u be interested in cash + my current car (93 model magna worth around 1200) ?
  7. nice example, try the papers.. goodluck wif the sale.. if i had cash i would offer
  8. if its walking distance to ur work, then its worth the money think how much money u'll save on petrol, rego etc. don;t even need a car thats near hilton its good area and one that still rentable. go for brooklyn park dude and its a 5 mins bus ride to town too
  9. new 3 months rego new Waterpump Working Cold Air con Great mechanically 250 000 kms comfortiable daily car. 2000 ono. phone 0411532744 i don;t check forums much pls phone come and see if your serious. thanks.
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