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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=230183771053 Hoping this may interest someone I need to sell Thanks All
  2. Granted also if you have a manaul or a manulised auto you wouldn't even consider the factory ECU track POWERFC IT!! but i really wanted a auto skyline that hammers and drives really nicely. It comes down to what you want from your Skyline really. Its certinanly not for everyone thats for sure I was in the forntuate postion that I could pull off the extent of my modifactions in one hit. it did save me alot of money in the long term tho. and as I said the factory ECU can cope with a remarkable change without needing to be remapped. its just the nature of the beast.
  3. what you just said is not even coherent I have spent ALOT of money on my skyline hence why I did not flinch in getting the BEST ECU upgrade for a auto that i could buy they remapped a factory ECU to my EXACT specifications by a nismo engineer, It wasn't cheap but it is PERFECT, also I dont see the need to change major components every second Tuesday I Just did it once probably. That makes so much more sense to me. do it once do it right. Not only that but the factory ECU has So much scope left in it. I can still change bits and the ECU can handle it up to a degree until I need to remap it. A factory ECU can handle quite a degree of mods on a standard skyline let alone a ECU with all the restrictions removed and re-calibrated for Our fuel level of mods and driving temperatures. Nissan and Nismo spent unbelievable amounts of money tuning ECU on these cars why not use the smarts. A powerFC is great if you have a manual and you have a good local tuner and you are willing to get re-tuned every time you change anything or summer /winter etc, My ECU takes it all in its stride and works it all out in real time. I suppose it depends on your situation and much time you want throw at your car. I want my car to be perfect all the time, just like the factory built it. I simply don't have the time to muck around with it every weekend (I'm kinda over all that) My Motto is Decide want you want and do it ONCE don't muck around. You will much more happier in the long term. My 2 cents
  4. I have a auto R33 with a remapped R33 ECU THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT powerplayimports in sydney do them they send them over to a nismo engineer in japan i have 280kw at the wheels Um yeah works fine......... Dont think a Factory ECU isnt as good as a aftermarket one they are FAR FAR better the smarts that are in a factory ECU are amazing (U have to remember they spent ALOT of money in R&D on these things) Just get it remapped to your needs they have race cars with 1000hp using Factory ECU's Hope this helps
  5. Im In also i'll see if my missus is in she can drive her 4 door sounds great
  6. Woof I wish i had a better cash flow happining hmmmm that is a SEXY car Dude its worth every penny The right person will come along Good luck mate
  7. tired turbo for sale would suit HIFLOW (still Boosts fine) $200o.n.o. If interested please PM me Regards
  8. Tosh Onishi Powerplay Imports PTY Limited 82 Victoria Rd Drummoyne, NSW 2047 Phone: 02 9818 7555 Fax: 02 9819 7055 Web: www.powerplayimports.com
  9. Hello All I have just got my car Back from Powerplay Imports What can I say, My options have been very limited because i have a AUTO. My car drives and performs the way i always wanted. Around town you would swear is was completly stock apart from mild exhaust note. poke it will a stick and it just hammers. I did a time 0-100 klms 2 people both 90-100kGS each, left it in d for dumb kept the air con on and everything, i timed it with my RSM 5.1 seconds in a auto......... Ilike it lot. I have absolutly nothing to do with Powerplay. I cant tell you enough about the high professionlisim and excellent workmanship. AUTO drivers out there, get your factory ECU remapped its SO MUCH better than dodgy piggy back ecu's. The Auto drives just perfect, no other word for it. this probably seems like a shameless plug but at last i'm impressed with a import tuning shop. they are not the cheapest, but if you wanted the cheapest you would buy a kia or a dihatsu. My car finaly hammers the way I want and I can get my 18' 265 to light up with a stab of the throttle I'm in skyline heaven.. Thanks Joanne and Tosh u guys rock
  10. Anyone, there has to be someone that has a standard turbo lying around that they want to sell PLEASE........................................................
  11. Hello All Yeah I'm chasing a Standard RB25DET turbo for my wifes R33 4door 1993 Series 1, Can anybody help, mine has some play in the shaft. I need one thats not flogged out. Cheers
  12. Hello Guys I have just moved down from rocky to the sunny coast (Marcoola till i buy) Where is the local import/tuning shop need a few things done also would anyone know where i can get my auto beefed up here I've got a 95 R33 GTS-t Auto plates LWK78 purple gray with white rims if ya see us cruising around give me a yell and introduce yourself I would love to go for a belt around the place cheers guys Lance
  13. Actually you are right on the money the more airflow is maxing out the ECU I have pretty much decided to get my factory ECU remapped when the nismo injectors turn up that way i dont have to dick around with splicing looms and such and everything will work smiko i'm hoping for 230 to 240 rwkw fingers crossed and it will still look factory i'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for pointing me to that e-manage thread mad34 and the factory ECU IS the way to go.CEF11E cheers mate its gunna save a lot of heartache
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