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  1. As title suggests. Very good condition preferred with hinges in melbourne. Pm me... Kel
  2. Hi there,

    Yes it used to be. it was sold early last year though.

  3. hey just curious is that green r31 yours?

  4. If anyone wants to see how easy it is to slide, i can take passengers out at the vic drift members day (20/12 @ winton) No time wasters please
  5. You only need either a Cams license L2NS or above or a AASA license It has nothing to do with your current road license situation.
  6. ALL SPOTS ARE NOW FILLED! Thank you to those that pre-entered Gates open around 7:45am, scrutineering opens at 8am. Track closes at 5pm but usually if there is alot of crap on the track it closes earlier and we sweep the track.. (Especially given its a saturday event.. There will be a track day on the sunday) You can always pm me for info.. im a one woman show when it comes to updating the info area of the vic drift forum and sometimes simple details skip my mind as i simply assume people know stuff like that as its the same at every event my bad.. see you guys on saturday Anyone wana wash my car?! :lol:
  7. I Havent got over how busy last saturday was and i just got my first pre-entry last night for next month
  8. As of about a month ago now Russ Can you please put me down for a spot. Ill enter my hubby to drive my car. Should be a nice practice day for him before the 6hr in august Let me know when you're excepting pre-payments and ill pay you on the spot.
  9. Hey Guys, These are what i took in the last hour or so of track time. Dont ask me if i have anymore as the rest are crap. It was the first time i've used my SLR for drifting and the camera wasn't set up properly. Im happy to give out the full size files to those that are good with photoshop http://s871.photobucket.com/albums/ab277/D...C%20prac%20day/
  10. or such as Vic Drift now too How much does it cost to enter?
  11. Do you need to be an SAU member to enter? I really need to give my new engine a run in before the drifting on the sunday..
  12. Oh that sucks Russ! When you have a list of parts you need to do the fix, run it by us as we have all kinds of random stuff here and we're not that far away Ill quote my wrap up from vdc and ns. Most of my rants dont apply to the guys i know from SAU but ill post it all the same. Joe's web address is: http://www.jlphoto.com.au/ Give him a couple of days to get the pics up as i know he has 2000+ to sort through Got a call at 1pm to say my car was fixed and tuned 236rwkw on 12psi with maxed out injectors Im very happy and hanging for next month Andrew and Benno did a great job on it yesterday and John and i are so relieved after a long month building the motor...
  13. My car is untuned and sitting on the dyno with wiring issues Its gunna suck watching tomorrow
  14. Your cage does not have to be cams approved to attend vic drift days I put a cams approved one in my car though as ive always driven under a cams license and if i ever want to attend a cams sanctioned event, it will comply
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