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  1. Hi All, Just after some guidance on the following issue that I encountered this evening. The problem: Happened out of nowhere really, i put my car in reverse, engaged the clutch and the car started moving backwards faster than normal. Tried to disengage the clutch, but the car kept moving - couldn't disengage the clutch so had to hold brakes until the car stalled. Once the engine was cut, took my foot off the clutch and it wouldn't come up. Had to manually shove my foot under it to lift it up. Once up it went up and down as per normal. Started the car again, and same problem. Parked the car after that and didn't test other gears. (Was late and my car is loud) Diagnosis: Did some research this evening, and it sounds like the most likely culprits are a damaged clutch cable or clutch master cylinder. If anybody is able to provide some guidance as to how I might go about diagnosing the problem for sure that would be sweet. I had a look inside the bonnet for signs of a damaged clutch master cylinder but it looked ok on the surface of it, then again, I am an untrained eye. Also, was wondering if anybody has had a similar issue and how they fixed it. Thanks Taso
  2. yes - that is exactly what Im after. IS that one for sale?
  3. tein ha coilovers for sale. in working order, adjustable height and damper. can also supply that c-spannertool for adjusting. dont know spring rates - ride is firm but streetable. looking for $600 and open to offers. located in inner west sydney
  4. hi all, im looking for a oem steering wheel for a 95 r33 s1.5, with airbag intact and in fairly reasonable condition. please email [email protected] if i dont respond to msgs thanks taso
  5. Not sure where the paranoia on getting sued comes from. I'll admit im no lawyer but common sense tells me you can't sue a website owner for users posting reviews on a public website. Why arent other user review websites getting sued? Defamation is such a nothing case lol. You would have to prove 1) the allegations are false and 2) quantify your loss in dollars actually lost. Just doesnt seem credible to me Ill ask the lawyers to chome in on this one. I honestly thought from a legal perspective we've moved past this. Also which workshop in question are ppl having issues with? Does it start with c and end in d?
  6. Here you go, Ive found a precedent for you to use: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/13305-local-wreckers-and-workshops/ Cheez, those Victorians are smart chaps aren't they
  7. Guys, May I suggest that one of the moderators puts up a workshop sticky that ppl can look at? I've spent 30mins looking for reviews of workshops and every thread seems to get closed with "do a search". Hard to do a search when you close every thread on the topic. It seems to me its a bit of a self fulling prophecy - you dont allow ppl to ask questions on workshops and therefore its become increasingly difficult to find the information. It shouldnt take this long to find information...and I can assure you, I am a very skilled researcher. Somebody went to the trouble of putting together this sticky: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/228238-read-this-whos-the-best-tunerworkshopresprayerdetaileretc/ I think this quote is hilarious "All threads asking for advice on which workshop to go to will be locked and the thread starter pointed to this thread. Good luck with your modifications, just remember that hard research will increase this "luck"" While I appreciating receiving obvious advice on research and other considerations, I think most ppl would rather a list of workshops and/or links to open threads with useful information and reviews. Perhaps have a look at how they do it on other forums - its not rocket science Just a suggestion, and apologies for the whinge
  8. Hi all, Would like to replace my current coilover setup with the sydneykid bilstein/whiteline combo that everybody on here raves on about. How are people still buying these? Are you simply buying the various parts online? Thanks Taso
  9. In terms of the rego - Im not sure if ACT is same as NSW but VIC rego is much cheaper and less of a hassle. No annual RWC required and cost is just over $700. If ACT is anything like NSW, then it maybe worth transferring. The only thing is the VIC laws (and enforcement) in regards to defects/mods/EPA's and the like are much stricter, so its abit of a risk. Vic police cant fine you or driving an ACT regoed car if you have a ACT licence and the address is valid. The line as mentioned above is that you've got 3 months, but in reality as long as you are able to receive mail to the address on the licence and rego they cannot fine you for not transferring (well they can fine you - and probably will, but you would be able to quite appeal the penalty in court on the grounds that you legally still live at ur ACT address if you are receiving mail) Hope this helps
  10. Reading this topic was hilarious....I have to say, the populace of VIC is obsessed with policing!! Honestly, the rules/policing on this forum is akin to Nazi Germany. Since when does a For Sale section need policing? The mods need only to police for actual scam sellers and thats it. In terms of policing bumps and comments, who really cares. The whole point of forums is for dialogue and discussion. If ppl see a false claim on an add, they should be free to comment. Don't really see the big issue with bumping either, at least buyers know the item is still for sale and the seller is keen to get rid of it. Honestly, you can say we "should thank the moderators for giving their time....etc etc", but if they have time to be policing this, then perhaps they should look into other recreational activities. Tyrannical modz really do not help the community. The a20089 guy had the right idea. The answer to the worlds problems is not more policing!
  11. Hi All, As topic states i'm returning car to stock so all the goodies are up for sale, open to all offers but not in rush to sell. Car currently makes 240rwkw with the mods: HKS GT2835 turbo - rebuilt before being put on the car... has done about 10,000K's will check condition when it comes off car, comes with braided lines and everything $1900 s15 JDM turbo injectors - Works perfect not sure of max power, i believe it to be 280rwkw, perfect size for this setup $500 for all six z32 AFM - Works perfect $250 Apexi PowerFC with hand controller - tuned for above setup $1500 SplitFire Coilpacks - Never missed - around 2 years old $450 Blitz Duel Solenoid Boost Controller $350 Bosche 044 fuel pump - will come with bracket, fuel hoses and fittings $300 Apexi POD Filter - needs cleaning, $50 Hybrid Copy Intercooler with piping - has worked perfect since instal $150 GTR PE2 exhaust (apexi brand i think) - only 1 year old, somehow managed to fit it onto my car came off a 33GTR, (cost $1200 new) $550 Apexi Boost gauge, blue light, black backing - $70 Sauber Oil temp gauge with oil filter sandwich plate installation kit - $70 A stock white r33 GTST - everything else in reasonable nick, comes with VOLK 18's (arthur exchange), needs new rears, will come registered, has done 144xxxKs $4900 Will post pics another time Other odds and end that are not on the car: tubosmart BOB, Blitz SQQL BOV, rear pods (bodykit), will give away free to some1 that buys wants to buy the majority of things here. Located in Surry Hills, but u will probably have to pick up most of this stuff from the garage i end up taking the car to. I have probably missed some stuff. Any questions let me know. For contact plz email [email protected] - i check emails daily
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