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  1. Well I brought it back from Shannon's for a steal, waited and had nothing form qld roads about rego, checked rego and still registered so put a windscreen in it and now driving if, looks terrible but u get that!
  2. White one that would be caleb's there was also a chick in palmy driving a white autech m35
  3. so this week new windscreen in as the wife's car subi turbo blew on Tuesday so got the windscreen put in and driving with a little dent in the roof from the tree, installed safc and rsm on Friday so having a play with that
  4. Just installed a rsv and safc 2 on my autech stagea, will let peoples know how things go over the next few weeks as I learn / setup main reason installed is to get better fuel economy on the hi way etc
  5. Wynnum tow bars quoted $700 and rated at a ton
  6. Brought it back, sored some parts today
  7. Written off due to to expensive to repair
  8. Did a full custom act of god mod, tree fell on my car at lunch time
  9. poohkies


    Autech also have vspec diffs
  10. I've brought rear top adjustable arms to sort the rear camber wear, was recommended to get the front ajustsble castor rods and lower ajustsble arms to sort the front camber and tow
  11. Not sure, just had to get new bushes and measured 26mm it's the standard sway bar, found a write up that also mentioned it having a 26mm rear sway bar
  12. Have you done brake lines as we'll? Very interested in doing this
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