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  1. I desparately need a bearing carrier to suite an OS giken super single clutch for an rb25. I'm hoping someone has one lying around from when they've upgraded their clutch or one of the sponsors has one in stock?? i need it asap so my car can be tuned and go into powerplay. thanks
  2. selling my clutch set up off my r32. I have an Extreme Clutches cushioned button clutch kit which has held 400hp without a problem, the clutch has a fair bit of meat left on it and is very easy to drive normally but has the bite for when u need it. Billet flywheel- suits factory replacement clutches and is very light compared to a standard flywheel. could do with a machine which would be an extra $40 or so which i could organise at the cost of the buyer. chasing $350 ono for kit or willing to separate the flywheel from clutch kit for the right price. Pm me or txt me on 0433 960 414 for a faster response
  3. buckna doesn't sell hockey sticks... he's legit (or my very realistic imaginary friend) and u will get your stuff asap
  4. as the topic says im chasing a patch loom for an e11v2 to suite rb's. new or second hand doesn't matter. thanks.
  5. series 1 rb25 and rb20 are the same. series 2 rb25 looks completely different and does not fit.
  6. 101, APC, option 1, ERD are all good and know nissans pretty well. And what u want done isn't exactly rocket science.
  7. hi im chasing the turbine outlet flange and gasket. I've have been quoted around 120 for both express from japan. just wanted to see if anyone knows of any locally? thanks
  8. can u pm me what comes with the gate? both flanges, clamps etc?
  9. depends on engine and useage.. stock engine would barely put a drop in the catch can if driven on the street/ occasional track time.. other end of the scale, you have a built engine running big boost on a track constantly, this would need a drain back to the sump.
  10. as long as they are both push type clutches they will fit
  11. hey im keen on the front bar and will be in melb next week. will let you know if i have time to come look at it
  12. that is not a better way as you are halving the breathing capacity of your engine..
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