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  1. I suggest you just need to sit down and do lots of reading/ research before you do anything else. all the questions you have asked have been covered multiple times of the past 20 years you have gone and bought an AUS $200k car and trying to mess with it without having a clue what you are doing. my advice. If you have that cash to spend on the car and don’t have a clue about them, just take it to a reputable performance shop, tell them what u want and then hand over more of your money
  2. Go to any exhaust shop ( literally any one ) tell them you want the screamer plumbed back into the dump pipe. come back at end of the day and hand over some money its that simple
  3. That drivers side seat bolster has seen more than 92000 kms missing N1 badge on the rear has 96 series 2 dash trim
  4. Was tagged in this today. this guy does an awesome job and definitely has some skills and a lot of patience https://fb.watch/8-h_O5B8_C/
  5. I think carbonetics may have all the parts and have a pretty good reputation
  6. Looks to be a trial front and sides in the first pic second pic has 400r side skirts
  7. Terrible. It was laggy as. but once you got it up n going or launched it, it was great fun. e85 was still a fairly new thing back then but if it was more freely available to me I 100% would of had it on e85 only as a car with almost identical set up was making 650kw atw on 30psi
  8. Going back to 2010 I was pushing 21psi through a t51r on 98 with a built 2.6 with a pretty decent head to make 600hp. at the time I was told by the tuner that it will take more but with 98 that’s all they really wanted to push through it
  9. I can’t believe you are going to put those hideous headlights on an r34gtr
  10. Yerrr but it’s got a hand controller display so u don’t need to have a fancy race dash 🤪
  11. What’s what??? I can’t see any info on which run is which
  12. There are literally thousands of different types of mufflers available on the internet. One being branded hks isn’t going to be any better then one branded magnaflow for example forget buying a branded one. Just go to the local exhaust shop, tell them the size of exhaust and style of muffler you want and that’s the end of the story listening to different videos will sound different depending on what sort of device you are watching it on,( mobile, tv, sound system etc) the quality of the device used to record said video.
  13. Sounds like the tuner is lazy and only wants to do the bare minimum to get it running and not tuned to suit the customers needs. they need to remember that it’s not them that is having to drive/ live with the car
  14. If you’re going to be spending that much on a turbo you may aswell just do it properly and go the full twin external gate option. you would hate to get all the way to the end and always have that little bit or regret/ wonder what if, if I had gone the other option. Just more cost effective to do it properly in one hit
  15. I went from the ps clubsport version to the ps direct drive and it was a huge difference. felt soo much more real. Always used it on full torque aswell. had a buttkicker mounted under the seat and could feel all bumps and ripples aswell to buy the gear I had ur looking at around 6k. But I made my own rig at work so that saved me a good $1200+
  16. Why wouldn’t it fit?? Fill up any existing holes just drill the holes in the correct spot and bolt it down
  17. Gona just start drilling out holes all over the car for weight reduction??
  18. 100% with you on this just imagine receiving a brand new set of lmgt4s with a big chip taken out of one of the spokes and then getting the same response from nismo that from time to time there can be imperfections but doesn’t affect the function of the rims i bet everybody here would be super pissed about it
  19. Importmonster.com.au they are a broker for yahoo Japan auctions the whole process is listed on their website and they offer a few different shipping methods depending on the size of the order I have used them a few times and was always a very easy process
  20. Can try bestmufflers.com they usually have a decent selection
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