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  1. YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!! THE RING STINGER!!! That's it! I love this site, thanks Christian! You have no idea how happy you've made me
  2. Greetings from post Skyline life! Wowsers what a blast from the past. This site brings back so many memories for me. Although the calming blue theme I was used to seems to have disappeared, I still felt a sense of "home" logging in just now Anyway... my dilemma... So I've been dating this awesome Spanish girl and somewhere along the way my big mouth got the better of me and I told her that I made the world's best nachos... Problem is, I haven't made those nachos for 8 years (I still remember when I made them last) and I can't find the bloody recipe. The recipe I had was actually from a thread on SAU, but I can't find it now! I've tried others, but nothing was as good as the one I had from SAU. I remember it had mince, beans, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, etc...etc... Does anyone know how to access really old threads? I'm talking from like 2005 days... Thanks!
  3. Yep just go see Sal at Toycar. Compliance and import master! Hi Sal, it's Leon here, long time no see. Where have you been? Glad to see the monster Supra hasn't killed you yet!
  4. Can't say I've tried in any other cars, but it made a significant difference in my GT-8. I'll PM you the install guide I had for mine, let us know how you go on your auto.
  5. Whatever works for your engine, but the Nissan recommendation is attached.
  6. I second the recommendation for Nick. I found him cheaper than anywhere else and the shipping was practically instant. http://www.gllubricants.com/index.php?p=1_3_Mobil-Pricelist
  7. Thanks so much for responding back Rami. I appreciate it must be an extremely stressful time for you. You did the right thing Rami, you investigated it thoroughly. Did Nissan drop the oil by any chance? Was it the correct one is what I'm getting at? And did they give you the fault code/s the car was throwing up. I note that yours was an earlier model as well, I haven't heard of any of the v2 CVT's having the issues - anyone? A bit off topic, but just to clarify, I no longer own a GT-8, I sold it because of our circumstances and the trans issue played no part in the sale and although it took a long time, I still got the price I wanted. I did however feel I had a responsibility to tell the potential new owner about potential issues with the CVT as have been reported here over the years, but for me, I otherwise just drove, maintained and sold it as a normal car. However it was easily the best car I ever owned and the potential CVT issues were just another puzzle that I got hooked on cracking. It may be fine for some to just give in and spread the rumour and just blame the CVT and in the process effectively kill other owners resale values without proof. You really need to watch what some of you guys say in these forums. Think about how you would feel if someone was trashing your investment. Why not be constructive instead? By all means post the facts of issues, but lets work together to definitively work out what goes wrong and how to help others prevent it.
  8. Without further info, we don't even know if the issue was the CVT. I sure hope he responds with further info to help other people.
  9. That's bad luck mate. In the interest of helping others - What were the symptoms? What led you to believe that the transmission was the problem? What code did the consult throw up and what steps did you perform to attempt to fix it?
  10. Errr, what? Care to explain/elaborate?
  11. You lucky prick. Dodes is on the right track though. Find out what's actually wrong with it first before you succumb to hearsay. One thing, get the owner to sign a contract that he has sold you the car, otherwise if you do fix it, you may find he wants it back.
  13. Nice steering wheel mate, those momo's are uber rare. Good luck with the sale.
  14. Nissan 2003 V35 350GT-8 Well it is with great sadness that I am putting my V35 up for sale! The car has been my pride and joy for nearly 4 years. First Aussie owner. Bought it with very low mileage, 14500km's at the time and it was absolutely immaculate. Like buying a brand new car. 61000KM's now as you can see I do very low mileage every year. The car would suit a buyer who wants a quick, classy, but sexy sedan with superior handling. What came with the car of note:- VQ35DE Engine - Same engine as the 350Z Black Half leather/suede seats - front seats full power, back seats recline and super comfy BOSE stereo system - 6 disc stacker, 8" sub, all works and sounds fantastic and punchy. Jap TV/NAV/Screen system with Reverse Camera 8 Speed CVT - The best bit about the car I would say. It completes the Saloon Cruiser feel. Tiptronic and F1 style Flappy paddles. Xenons. Privacy Glass - Actual dark tinted glass in the rear windows, almost limo. Woodgrain interior highlights around centre console and doors. What I've done to the car:- DBA Gold discs all round - drilled and slotted HP Hawk Ceramic Brake pads ELF Racing Brake Fluid Chrome Z-Tube JWT Pod Filter intake kit 600CCA Big Battery Official Nissan Aero Front Bumper - Very very rare. Grounding Gear cables, full 10 lead kit - makes the gear changes instant. I change the oil and spark plugs every 6 months. Always NGK Iridium and Mobil 1. Always filled up with Vortex 98. Very clean inside, non-smoker. This car is quick, especially towards the top end. I have all the original manuals as well. On Carsales for $22K but if you are an SAU member I'm happy to let it go for $20K for supporting the club. All inspections welcome. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  15. Don't know about any green lights... I don't have one... but you can get it from Nissan if you have trouble sourcing it. Details here:- http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/In...er-t180603.html