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  1. M34N

    Spotted Thread

    Pearl White V36 370GT type SP coupe with factory 19" wheels and Akebono brakes coming out of Fountain Gate yesterday around 1:30PM. Probably the nicest example of a V I've ever seen. Last night down Lygon, a silver V35 around 11:00PM heading towards the City. And an awesome R34 GT-R parked outside the Trak on Toorak Rd past midnight. Think it was gunmetal grey but not too sure.
  2. Well, long story short, got canaried for something ridiculous because the copper is a known wank. Read this post I made in another thread in 2008, explains some of what happened. A few other people have dealt with this guy before on SAU, so he clearly has it in for imports (and he admitted it to me with my brief encounter) - he is a genuine douche this guy. Worst cop I've ever met, hands down.
  3. Rolls Royce Ghost the other day driving down Sth Gippsland Hwy in Dandy South. Poor person's Roller Also a white Aventador down Beach Rd, Brighton last Wednesday lunch time. What a life...
  4. My brother had a fine a few years back for his car being unregistered - was pulled up by the HWP, given a $550 (or so) fine and told to pay the rego by the end of the day or fine would stand. Ended up paying the rego the same day, sent in a proof of payment to the cop and the fine was withdrawn in the next week. Thought it was pretty good of them. Brother genuinely went overseas for a few months, didn't realise his rego expired and just got the fine literally 2 days after coming back. Thought that was nice of them. Also had a cop let me off for speeding before (was doing 100k in 80k zone) years back when I was late for work one morning, then he noticed the car had bald tyres on the front. Was let off on the speeding fine, gave me a defect (just stating to fix tyres, no fine), let me drive the car home that night and I cleared the defect next morning with new tyres. Only paid for the new rubber in the end, no fines. That was the best cop I've ever met, went out of his way for me. Sure learned my lesson then though. Another time had a cop spot me going a bit fast in the opposite direction in Kew (down Yarra Blvd), about 60k in 50 zone, ended up with him doing a u-turn and noticed them flying to catch up and follow me. Lights on and straight away I indicated to pull over. Asked me if I was speeding, told him "a little". Did his usual checks on the car, just told me "take it easy it's a bit dangerous around these bends, have a good night". Thought I was going to get a canary for sure there, had brand new shiny intercooler installed, side-mounted plates, new exhaust. But I've had one genuinely bad experience with police. Main reason I don't drive the R34 much anymore, unfortunately one bad experience is enough to put you off.
  5. These points are what shits me most. It's explained that "hoons" need to change their attitude, but why is there no expectation for other people to change theirs about what is classified a "hoon"? Why is it OK to judge someone because of the car they drive, but if I judge someone on their religion/culture/sexuality/gender it's socially unacceptable? And they are supposed to listen to our concerns as a community? Yeah right. Police won't change, anti-hoon squad won't change, dipshit hoons won't change. Anyone who makes a suggestion is laughed at and fobbed off. So really, this interview was just a way to vent and not get any actual solutions - we already have a Government full of bureaucrats for that. Good job, I look forward to the next police chase and "hoon" story on the news tonight and more questions to "what can be done to solve the problem?" and community outcry, while everyone sits on their hands and does SFA. /rant
  6. Well, I don't believe the LCD is dropping (or gaining), never intended to say that. My point was more other factors contributing to lower speed limits; Increasing number of cars on the road across Australia, along with general population growth - Australia was 18 million only a decade or so ago, Melbourne was 3 million, now both 23~ million and 4.2 million respectively Many roads incapable of handling this surge in traffic volume as they were designed a million years ago New roads being built to traffic volumes of yesteryear, eg. Monash Fwy, including Hallam Bypass and Pakenham Bypass - already exceeding traffic volumes they were never expected to reach until 2030 Existing roads/infrastructure not being upgraded to suit the growing population One accident on ANY of these major arterial roads leads to chaos for hours as there is little to no alternatives for people living in most places (bringing up the lack of infrastructure in the outer suburbs, including public transport options) More old people on the road today, with Baby Boomers etc all starting to become a larger portion of the population More high-powered cars becoming more easily/cheaply available to Bogan Joe and his dog, and hence the never-ending police chases on TV and 'hoons' we love to hear about Police and Government attempting to lower the road toll by rambling on insistently about speeding kills, hooning etc Governments interested in speeding revenue and the like Never ending politics with study after study about how roads are congested - but NOTHING GETS DONE ABOUT IT. This is the main sticking point IMO, lack of action and planning/funding has lead to most of these other issues discussed above. I agree with a lot of your points Ash, and understand your perspective too, but it's not just driver training and education. Government is trying to shift the blame from their lack of proper infrastructure and planning/spending on roads and transport by blaming speeding, hoons etc for these issues. Shifting the blame - lesson 1 in politics. If anything, the lowest common denominator in politics has surely fallen.
  7. Unfortunately, the people who set the speed limits (VicRoads etc) have to cater to the lowest common denominator, which means speed limits will have to stay low. If you make a road that was 80km/h to 100km/h, and the 80yo granny takes her 1985 Corolla out for a spin in the wet and she loses it around a corner because she has the reaction time of a turtle, there will be too much outcry. People need to drive within their limits/abilities, which unfortunately, a lot of people are incapable of doing. A lot of roads in the outer suburbs (examples; Narre Warren North, Berwick, Cranbourne, Pakenham) were designed originally as country roads with higher speed limits, significantly lower traffic volumes and a population only a percentage of what it is now. Now we have entire suburbs built around these unsealed and narrow roads, the Governments/Councils can't keep up with population growth and demands of road users and people in general. Look what happened in the floods of February 2011, when some of these suburbs were hit hard due to lack of proper infrastructure, entire roads (including Princes Hwy, Narre North Rd, Princes Fwy, Pakenham train line) were inaccessible, some for days, until waters receded. There was also a report in the papers recently about how the Government creates bottlenecks and traffic jams to slow down traffic intentionally to lower the road toll. Also reducing speed limits to achieve the same effect. This is not a solution to the problem, it only creates angry drivers who have to spend more time/money stuck on shitty roads because their taxes are being wasted on more feasibility studies to decide what they should do to fix it, ie. bureaucracy. Look at the latest study into the Western Ring Road/Eastern Fwy tunnel - they commissioned a study into that years ago, when Sir Rod Eddington decided on a route and it was listed as an urgent priority as it was all ready to go, now only a couple days ago they announced another $20 million for more studies for the same route. It's sickening how the lack of action and bureaucracy goes around in a vicious circle and nothing gets achieved. So in the end, more people using roads, an older population, more suburbs built in areas where the roads are already sub-standard, lack of investment in new/existing infrastructure, more bureaucracy and spending that achieve nothing but more planning studies, police who enforce stupid and outdated laws, a Government who only encourage more traffic as a solution to road trauma, and a state road authority only interested in reducing speed limits all adds up to more frustrated road users. It's ridiculous.
  8. M34N

    Spotted Thread

    Had a silver R33 with SAU stickers, loud exhaust and massive FMIC driving down Prinny near Sandown around 12:30 today, quickly merged behind you when I saw a HWP coming up, hopefully saved you from a raping Was in the V36. Also had a grey R32 with gold Volks(?) and SAU stickers turning onto Clow St in Dandy around 10mins later, heading towards the Markets. Had a passenger, was a fair bit back on the opposite side of the road, you wouldn't have seen me. Also had a stock silver V35 coupe parked in Hallam today in Spring Square around lunch time.
  9. Also got confirmation in GoAuto news. Pretty much confirms the VK56DE platform in a RWD Altima 4-door sedan body. What makes this different is the confirmation from a high-level Nissan executive on the details. Bolded the important parts. http://www.goauto.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf/story2/C7CC18F1A963B138CA2579B800256E1A
  10. I think it's just for Infiniti and/or Europe only. I remember posting that link a while back, I translated some of the original documents about the 2013 Nissan Skyline/Infiniti G and that was the best I could come up with at the time. Nissan and Mercedes are just swapping technology, whether that will apply to new motors in Nissan cars who knows, but it seems likely they want to launch an Infiniti in Europe with a diesel engine to compete more directly with the other Euro cars. Who knows if it will make it across the world (when they launch here later this year) or the US, or even in Japan. Whatever sells cars I guess.
  11. Had a spare few minutes so I took a couple pics of the Takeda CAI on my 36: (sorry to hijack thread Al, but I recommend it, plus it's cheaper and looks better and does the same job)
  12. Yeah exactly why I bought it, the position is right in the middle of the front grille, so it gets a very good flow of air coming in (it's basically ideal). Also makes the car look more sinister from the front with the midnight grille on the front.
  13. I personally bought a Takeda Cold Air Intake, sits behind the front grille nicely. Noticed it seems a bit more beefy/responsive and a little louder at the 3500-5000RPM range, overall I'm very happy with it. Was around $400 delivered from the US around 3 months ago (inc. delivery). I have some photos at home to post of the install (taken with my old phone), will attempt to post some proper photos later if I get the chance.
  14. I agree, same sort of body shape/size as a Falcon/Commo, V8 and RWD - it's the perfect choice. Would also go well with launching their IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) cars to link it with the V8SC series. Nissan has to have some benefit out of this, and it seems a bit convenient they are launching Infiniti just before joining the V8's. Either way I look forward to it, I enjoy watching the V8's occasionally and never really supported either side, now I will take more interest. Very clever move by both Nissan and the V8SC.
  15. They will have Infiniti here in September, so it would just be based on an Infiniti G (Skyline) or M (Fuga) sedan. The car will have no relevance to anything sold locally anyway since the Altima is FWD and a V6, so I don't see why the wouldn't use a different chassis too.
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