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  1. Guys, Selling my long term project of 10 years which I've finally concluded I will never finish and have lost all motivation to finish aside there is very little to do to be complete - Life just got in the way. 1990 HCR32 Engine: RB20DET - Stroked to 2438cc RB26 GTR Crank RB26 Eagle H-Beam Forged Rods 84mm Wiseco Forged Pistons Tomei 84mm 1.25mm Head Gasket ACL Bearings ARP Head Studs Port and Polish Tomei Solid Lifter conversion Tomei 272 9.25mm Cams HKS CAM Gears Nitto Oil Pump Crank + Cam Trigger setup Hypertune Custom Intake Manifold Hypertune 90mm Throttle Body Bosch 980cc Injectors Billet Fuel Rail High Mount turbo manifold 3582 JP Turbo Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo SpitFire Coil Packs Body: Black Respray Coilovers Half Cage 18" Wheels (New Rubber required 10+ years old) Front Mount Intercooler 50mm Alloy Radiator Blitz Fibreglass ADR approved bonnet Electrical: Haltech PS2000 ECU Haltech Wide Band IQ3 Digital Dash zLeds Rear tail lights Battery Relocation to boot Fuel Pressure Sensor Oil Pressure Sensor Walbro Fuel Pump After Market Fuel Level Pickup MAP Sensor Crank + Cam Hall Effect sensors Flex Fuel Sensor Wiring Wiring Specialties Wiring Hardness What's left to do? Really not much, - Set base timing on ECU for Crank trigger setup. - Mount Fuel Pressure Regulator - Mount Catch - Setup Fuel Level Input for Haltech - Tighten bolts on half cage - Interior tidy up (Cars been sitting in the garage for 10+ years) - Tune - Enjoy Located in 4300 QLD - Pickup only, Only genuine interest and obviously no joy riders as it needs a tune. Pictures will be supplied on request only.
  2. Hi, Sorry I have not replied to your PM yet. The files can be found here: https://app.box.com/s/uumn60yr0k1ig1khpts7pft3mnzjol93 I do not have any parts left sorry.
  3. Hey As the topic says I'm chasing a pair of taillights for a R32 gtst. Colour is not a concern. Preferably located in Brisbane.
  4. As the topic says chasing a pair of R32 gtst taillights. Colour isn't a concern but must be OEM.
  5. Guys I've decided to entertain the idea of parting with my project car of nearly 13 years. Over the past 13 years I've been through many stages in my life and career and therefore the car has sat idle needing the love of an individual that I can no longer provide. Basically up for EOI is a HCR32 with a 2.4ltr stroked rb20det. Engine: - Rb20det platform - RB26 crank - Forged H-beam rods - 84mm wiseco forged pistons - ACL bearings - Half grouted block - ATI balancer - Crank trigger kit - Top mount gt3582r setup - Custom hypertune intake with 90mm throttle body - Sard 650cc injectors - Sard RB26 fuel rail - HKS cam gears - Tomei 272 9.25 cams in+ex - Ported and polished head - ARP head studs - Tomei 1mm 84mm head gasket - Spitfire coil packs Body & driveline: - Custom black 2 pack respray with factory body kit - 18" wheels all around 265 rear 235 front - Single piece tail shaft - cut and shut RB26 gearbox - hsd coilovers - koyorad 52mm radiator - hicas removal bar Electronics & Other - Haltech ps2000 ecu - iq3 dash - dual external Bosch fuel pumps with surge tank - dry cell battery relocated to the boot Basically everything I could do has been done and just needing the base timing completed and run in tune. I'm putting $15,000 on it EOI take it as it is. Making this post is something I've been thinking of since my son was born last year hoping I would have the time to finish the car since the engineer build was completed mid 2016. Please no haters it is what it is. Thanks
  6. I do have 1 set left that'll I'll ship for $300 NO point splitting it.
  7. Specifically the R32 GTS-25 head.
  8. WTB: R32 RB25de head As the title states, Chasing a R32 RB25de head.
  9. WTB: R32 RB25de Head As the title states, I am chasing a RB25de head from a R32.
  10. Subject says it all, Chasing a Haltech PS 2000 new or used.
  11. Yea no results for it: 25060-01U00
  12. Guys, So my fuel sender unit is dead and well I'm not paying nissan $500 for a new sender unit. Has anyone found a suitable new replacement?
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